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Oh No! It’s Christmas Time and the Reindeer are Shrinking

by admin on 23rd-December-2016

Riverside, CA

In some really bad news for Santa, Science Magazine reported that earlier this year, a Global Change Biology paper revealed how global warming has wreaked havoc on part of the world’s reindeer population. According to the report, reindeer in Norway are unable to get to the grasses, lichens, and mosses they eat eight months of the year because it is now being locked under layers of ice—warming temperatures have caused rain to fall on existing snow cover causing it to freeze solid. 

According to a 21-year study, the reindeers’ struggle for food has impacted their body mass— scientists show an average decrease of 12 percent. 

The study also confirmed the reindeers’ size has now reached a critical point—the smaller reindeer are themselves, now giving birth to smaller calves and some have even resorted to terminating their pregnancies to save themselves. Researchers said the reindeer population is becoming smaller and lighter. 

Sadly, because of their now diminutive size, these reindeer may never be selected to carry Santa’s load on Christmas Eve.

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