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Officials Urge Undocumented Students to Apply for Grants

by admin on 3rd-March-2017

Sacramento, CA

Last week, The Voice reported on how the number of applications submitted for Dream Act grants had dropped precipitously from last year. The drop off in applications is largely attributed to the aggressive actions taken toward immigrants by the Trump administration. 

California legislators and educators had also taken note of the discouraging numbers and encouraged students not to be afraid. The officials have worked to reassure these students that the application forms will not be used as a trigger for deportation. It is important for students to understand the information is not shared with federal immigration authorities. Officials stressed the state will fight to keep any of their information from being handed over. 

Last Wednesday, Riverside’s Assemblymember Jose Medina, who also chairs the Assembly’s Higher Education Committee, pled with dreamers and their families to apply for the grant. 

The state received a total of 34,166 grant applications last year. This year, although the application period has remained open for three additional months, only 20,097 applications had been submitted through last week—a definite increase over the previous week but still far fewer than anticipated. March 2nd is the last day to apply on line at https://dream.csac. ca.gov/.

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