For struggling Black youth, my  dedicated research into the Black History is acquired: from Human-kind first appearing 200,000 years ago in Ethiopia's Afar beautiful, snow-capped Rwenzori ("rainmaker") Mountains between Uganda and the Republic of Congo–called the Mountain of the Moon and now known as the Cradle of Humankind–from living in all-Black communities as a boy and absorbing ex-Slave orchestrated African philosophies—from my physician experiences with many of the world’s people—from a life with varied Black People—and from 81 years of living. My objectives are first, for them to acquire Free Minds, in keeping with the martial artist type mindsets of their super-brilliant Ancient African Ancestors. Second, is a return to their newborn Real Self purity—a state of Selfhood Greatness. Third, reclaim African Tradition’s perfection of Manners—caring about the “Feelings” of non-evil people so as to have good relations with and good behaviors toward them in a “ME/WE” manner. Fourth, proper self-protection and Courage for “elbowing” offense. Fifth, discover, develop, and find the best niche for their unique Talents—that part of their birth gift Genius serving as a bridge to their Mission in life. Sixth, return to their Ancient African Ancestors’ Scholarship path of using Critical Thinking to acquire Common Sense, Knowledge, and Wisdom. Seventh, move ever forward on the Thriving path, with Enough Money to maintain a state of well-being and Love for all concerned. Eighth, expand Appreciation of Self, others, and Nature’s Dignity–with Vision, as in realizing a weed is a plant whose virtues have not been discovered. These Human Ideal Goals have three parts: 

(1) its “What it is,” as when it came into Being; (2) “What it Does”—i.e. its Operations; and (3) its “How it Appears”. Its two basic tools are, as opposed to Acquired Emotions, the cultivation of pre-birth Emotions (i.e. Spiritual Feelings) and ones Intellect geared to discerning, maneuvering, and manipulating Principles. African Scholarship focuses on the “What it is”–knowing the Source of Knowledge or Information. The “what it is” of Common Sense is pre-birth Emotions used in the setting of Instincts, which Ancient Africans said express the Will of God. Its “check and balance” in the External World is Intellect flowing in and arising out of the Spiritual Elements. Together, as a Talent, they are geared to: First Things—principles, Necessities, and the Important in life’s categories—and seeing things as they are; Middle Things—creativity, discovery, invention, innovation; and Last Things—Truth, beneficial Results, the Workable, and tasty “ME/WE” Fruit products. Knowledge’s “what it is” comes from a direct perception of Reality and from seeing all there is to see on all sides, in all angles of a BOX-like assessment of situations or problems. Wisdom’s “what it is” comes from cultivating pre-birth Emotions and Intellect so that to "Be Right," "Recognize Right," "Do Right," "Make Things Right," and "Defend the Right" at the right time and in the right place— is each “second nature.” Knowledge differs from Common Sense, as a veteran differs from a raw recruit. But required for both is: (1) Foresight and forethought are to detect and prepare for problems; (2) arranging/rearranging and combining/recombining of bits and pieces of the Spiritual Elements to create new Ma’at forms; and (3) since the Causes, Effects, and Consequences generated are the same there must be tools to minimize or neutralize losses—or to refashion the ruins into whatever is better than ever.

Positive Knowledge is what pertains to, flows in, and arises out of the Spiritual Elements—i.e. Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. These ingredients are for all life-shaping, life-changing, life-enhancing decisions and solutions serving as springboards to ever evolve into higher “ME/WE” benefits. Negative Knowledge is defensive discerning what is anti-Spiritual Elements oriented. Its Source can range from what is about Ignorance to Satanism. Satanism attacks the Spiritual Elements by being against whatever it is for—as in denying or hiding the Truth. Ignorance may come from: (a) “ig-noring”; (b) paying no attention to right, all to the wrong; (c) not knowing a Thing’s significance; (d) not knowing it exits; (e) do not care to know that one does not know or to self-improve; (f) foolishly believing that all there is consists of what is in ones awareness; (g) that the Crowd knows best; and (h) accepting “Almost” and “SEEMS Right” as good enough. In short, a Scholarship “Big Picture” of something is to gather whatever will provide an awareness of an action’s likely best Results. jabaileymd.com

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“ME/WE” is an: "All for One, One for all" concept of African Zulus, called Ubuntu. The Nguni Bantu define it as connection of all “Humanity”—meaning its “Sameness” creation is the Cosmic Force. They translate it as: “I am because we are”; or “Humanity towards others”...


Throughout his enslavement, Kunta Kinte’s persistent desperate survival situation caused his overactive Autonomic Nervous System and hormone excesses to permanently weaken his physical body. Perhaps most Enslaved distress produced over-working...


The System of the Natural World is an Approach (the way) concerned with created Beings functioning as vehicles. From them, Mathematically Structured Things will come into Existence (African, “Essence,” to be as absolutely necessary and with a customized...

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