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Obama Care and Covered California, a Success

by admin on 24th-April-2014
Hardy L. Brown

Hardy L. Brown

The first enrollment period of Obamacare has closed with a reported 8 million citizens now having health insurance and 1.4 million in California. Twenty-two thousand of the 1.4 million are African Americans, which is a low number of those in need.

We must do a better job in reaching out to our neighbors on this important issue.

Let all of us engage in this conversation to educate them to get covered. Let us also engage with Covered California to increase its outreach efforts and resources to make it happen when open enrollment takes place again next year.

Even with that success many are still calling it a failure for the American people. I don’t know how they reached that conclusion when over 8 million people have signed up and a majority of Americans say it is a good thing.

It reminds me of Kaiser’s Comprehensive Health Care Program in the early seventies. Many of the people at Kaiser were not overjoyed with the program until some people got care that they knew, then their attitudes changed. It always makes a difference when you know someone who needs the program and is in a position to get care under that program. I am sure that will happen with Obama Care.

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