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NRA Makes Another Attempt to Block State Gun Regulations

by admin on 22nd-September-2017

Fairfax, VA–The National Rifle Association (NRA) has filed a new lawsuit in another attempt to block the implementation of California’s 2016 Assault Weapons Control Act, which placed enhanced restrictions on gun sales. 

In May, the organization challenged a state law that made it illegal to own gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. In June, it filed suit against the state’s ban on the sale of rifles with bullet buttons. 

In its most recent lawsuit, filed last week, the NRA claimed the Assault Weapon Control Act (AWCA) that now requires e x i s t i n g owners of assault weapons to register them goes too far beyond the scope of the state’s previous assault weapons process and registration requirements. The NRA alleges the regulations developed by the California Department of Justice are too burdensome, go beyond the agency’s powers, and illegally expands the scope of the state’s existing registration requirements. 

According to the NRA, the new law requires the state to request too much personal information in the registration process, including not only where and how the registrant purchased the weapon, but the registrant is also required to provide a photograph of the weapon itself. 

When the NRA filed its first lawsuit, the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA), who joined the NRA in the suit, noted that the lawsuit was just the first of many lawsuits to come. The CRPA defined the action as just “the first step in restoring the full freedoms of the Second Amendment in California.” 

The AWCA makes it illegal to manufacture, sell, transport, import, or transfer hundreds of semi-automatic firearms that the law identified as assault weapons. Now, the ultimate decision regarding the fate of semi-automatic weapons in California rests in the hands of the judicial system.

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