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Now You Must Govern For All

by admin on 18th-November-2016
Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

I stayed up to late last week on Tuesday night to write my weekly opinion and give my thoughts on the election. It was a crazy night as the results came in and people who I thought would win actually lost their election to people who had used racial, divisive, and manipulative language on their opponents won. 

On the national level the Hillary Clinton loss to Donald Trump was a glaring example of how some things are not dead in America but unfortunately alive and well. On the local level race played a small part in how some people voted in the 47th Assembly District against my wife Cheryl Brown. Her opponent Eloise Reyes aggressively campaigned on a “Them versus Us” message to Mexican-American voters and was successful. Much like the national trend, it resonated with a community that has been increasingly more divided. 

Daniel Enz

Daniel Enz

I reminded my wife that I lost two political elections in my life and after each loss God opened another door that was better than the one He closed. My opponent ridiculed me during the first loss in 1973 because I mentioned that I prayed for guidance before big decisions so I kept on praying and working. Even though this is a setback on her mission to be of service to the people in the 47th she will continue to be of service to the community because it is her life’s calling whether she elected or not; and then, of course, there is always another election in 2018.

I want to take this week to commend a few people who stood up and supported Cheryl and caught hell from Eloise's people for doing so just because they are Mexican-American: Daniel Enz, Sara Garcia, Daniel Sanchez and Josue Castillo. There are others who were threatened as well, but I mention these four in particular because of their personal relationship to my family and me over the past four years. These individuals are outstanding citizens of our community and set the kind of public service examples that we all can learn from. 

I know how it feels when your own people attack you for supporting a person of a different race. I want to thank them for not caving into the people who have such a narrow view of life that only Mexican-Americans can represent Mexican-Americans or Blacks can represent Blacks, or only Whites can represent Whites. It’s unfortunate that some people are still provincial thinkers who don’t understand that good public servants are supposed to represent everyone, not one race or one political party. 

So now that the election is over those who are elected must take an oath to serve ALL people in their area of responsibility, we know what they have said during the election season so now let us see how they govern.

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  1. Robb Braun

    Well written Mr. Brown! Your article reminds that in order to counter the divisiveness that landed some folks in office, people of all races, cultures, generations and more must purposefully come together and get behind the next great candidate – so much so the the hateful and divisive rhetoric cannot thrive. And it begins with me!  Thank you!!

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