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Nonprofits and Donors Prepare for Give BIG San Bernardino 2017

by admin on 22nd-September-2017

San Bernardino–The Community Foundation is preparing for its annual Give BIG San Bernardino fundraiser. 

This year, the agency will again host a series of workshops and seminars to help nonprofit agencies build greater capacity, for an even stronger fundraising effort than experienced last year. 

According to program coordinator Andrea Mitchell, “When we started this campaign, we had organizations participating that didn’t use Facebook and didn’t know how to upload a video to YouTube. Our participating nonprofits are now using these tools. So, we decided to introduce bigger tools that go above and beyond the campaign.” 

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and other supporters are funding this year’s outreach effort by Give BIG San Bernardino County, providing two half-day panel training sessions and a full day “boot camp” on grant writing for organizations that choose to participate. 

The first panel is scheduled for September 25. It will include information on fundraising and donor relations. The second panel, scheduled for October 13, will focus on media and marketing advice. Each panel will consist of successful professionals and nonprofits who will share their experience. 

On November 6, the agency will hold its “Grant Writing Bootcamp.” The event will be held at the SAC Health System in downtown San Bernardino at 1455 E 3rd Street. During

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