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New Compact with Morongo Band of Mission Indians

by admin on 22nd-September-2017

Governor Jerry Brown

Sacramento–California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a tribal-state gaming compact between the State of California and the Morongo Band of Mission Indians. 

The new compact contains provisions regarding licensing, compliance enforcement, mitigation of off-reservation impacts, and protections for patrons and employees. According to the governor’s office, “The regulatory provisions reflect the professionalism of the Tribe’s regulators and their constructive relationship with state gaming regulators.” 

The state further noted that the compact affirmed the Tribe’s commitment to the residents of Riverside County and is intended to enable the tribal government to invest in worthy causes, including fire and emergency medical services, law enforcement, public transit, infrastructure improvements, education, renewable energy, recycling and water conservation projects, non-gaming related economic development, and health care facilities. 

The agreement also made the tribe one of the largest contributors to the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund and Tribal Nation Grant Fund, which distribute gaming revenue to non-gaming and limited gaming tribes, so that the economic benefits of gaming reach all tribal governments in California. 

The compact is evidence of the goodwill and cooperation of the Tribe and the State in fostering a mutually respectful government-to-government relationship that will serve the mutual interests of the parties. It is also intended to enhance and implement a means of regulating Class III Gaming to ensure its fair and honest operation in a way that protects the interests of the Tribe, the State, its citizens, and local communities in alignment with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, while also enabling the Tribe to develop self-sufficiency, promote tribal economic development, and generate jobs and revenues to support the Tribe’s government and its governmental services and programs. 

Finally, the compact will promote ethical practices and thereby maintain a high level of integrity in tribal government gaming, protect the patrons and employees of the Gaming Operation, as well as protect the local communities.

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