A reason human newborns are Geniuses is because of the African Law of Holonomy: the whole is inside the Seed; the whole is contained in each of the Seed's manifested parts; and the Seed is found throughout the whole. Here, the “Seed” refers to the Cosmic Organism which is orchestrated by the Cosmic Force—Sekhem—the Source of the “Seed.” Put another way, each Fruit of a Tree contains the same ingredients as does the Seed from which that Tree and its Fruit sprang. This is provable by planting a seed from the fruit or a stem off that same Tree and both will produce a like-kind tree. Although each human may be a Fruit while Nature is the “Roots,” the “Seed” from which they both arise consists of the Cosmic Force’s Spiritual Elements Genetics of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Very Ancient Africans determined (c20,000 BC) the Cosmos is put together Mathematically. Hence, using the Law of Holonomy, it can be inferred that since Nature and humans are a part of the same Cosmic “Seed,” both have Mathematically based Essences. Thus, although human newborns’ Genius is Mathematically based and carried out spontaneously (happenings of themselves) by Natural Order—they must eventually cultivate their in-born Pre-Birth Emotions and Pure Intellect to make deliberate and intentional use of their Genius. Nature is the very best model for one to see how ones potential “Tools” can make the most Efficient (done quickly without wasted time, energy, and effort) and Effective (the desired done right or the effect that best satisfies the solution better than any alternative) use of ones undeveloped Mathematical Rationality. A major benefit for making space in ones life to on-goingly put in the time, energy, and effort to hone ones best thinking skills is that it brings about Efficacy—a self-empowerment mindset driving oneseagerness to take on increasingly bigger challenges. Awareness of Nature’s Processes imparts an Intuitive sense of Wisdom and Spiritual Power—making it the model for a given human’s Understanding of Truth and/or Creation of anything. 

Studying Nature’s Processes is the best way to gain practical ideas of reasonable Foresight/Forethought. If analogized to a bicycle’s tandum wheels, “Foresight” envisions the front wheel concerning future probable developments or circumstances independent of oneself. Forethought—the necessary back wheel–does all pertinent detailed planning out of something more completely within ones own control in order to prepare to act wisely in taking reasonably safe "calculated" risks upon the foreseen. Studying Nature’s details gives success in thought preparation—in Understanding Interrelationships, in resultant great thought, in Planning, and in developing of mental and physical skills to carry out Plan A or, if necessary, Plans B or C without “losing a step” in going “straight ahead to the destination. Spiritually Sound and skilfull Mathematical Rationality used to detect and prepare for big problems are vital to minimize/neutralize losses—to refashion remaining ruins into what is better than ever–and to always have resultant quiet self-pride. By Reality being in every aspect of Nature’s Processes, each Thing in Nature is precisely “what it is” and all other parts are actually what they are. Nature’s Static Background is in every human’s Selfhood. When it supplies ones Dynamic Foreground, together they are all that Realistically happens, or is capable of happening, to Self-Improve toward ones Purpose in Life. Any deviation is destructive to “ME/WE” benefits. 

To stay within Nature’s Processes sharpens every aspect involved in getting the “big picture’ of what it takes to cultivate a way for making the difficult seem as simple as possible; for reducing variables and interfering obstacles, losses, and lacks; for going on the non-offensive offense to get around “alligators” on the path; to stay with the Essence of what is required to design the solution's greatest power; and thereby ensure Continuity is within the course of what is about the issue at hand. Nature consists, on all planes of existence, of a complexity and multiplicity of Patterns. To simulate being in the flow of the Processes of Nature is to arrive at some form of Order and Harmony pertaining to patterns of Truth and Knowledge. This also displays patterns required to enter Unknown Seeable World realms where Corresponding (have comparable elements or be “equivalence”) patterns provide Insights into helping fashion Evidence and Proof for use in advanced patterns that flow into realms of Circumstantial (Spiritual) Truths.; JABLifeSkills;

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A powerful Creative and Critical Thinking exercise is to first learn shapes of the Pyramid, Square, Trapezius, Trapezoid, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Octagon, Ellipse, Lunette; study which are Cosmic and/or and human-made; and determine what are indications for using...


Patterns, Shapes, and Forms are fundamental tools to help one see and give meaning to Real, Surreal, and Unreal Things. These contribute to understanding and the explaining of Principles (unchanging realities), Events (changing realities), Settings, Situations, and...


“ME/WE” is an: "All for One, One for all" concept of African Zulus, called Ubuntu. The Nguni Bantu define it as connection of all “Humanity”—meaning its “Sameness” creation is the Cosmic Force. They translate it as: “I am because we are”; or “Humanity towards others”...

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