From their 200,000 years ago beginnings, Black People’s Mystique Thinking has concerned mental manipulations and maneuverings of Qualities pertaining to Spiritual Matters. It started with Superstitions, then the Science of Superstitions, then Science of the Spiritual. Resultant associations of Insights formed transcendental Knowledge Patterns. Their Mystique minds bathed in a Knowledge’s aura and used its vibrational tones to extract Principles for Right Life Living. By contrast, since their beginning 45,000 years ago, Europeans’ Non-Rational Thinking, as they call it, has been derived from their Supernatural Mythical Fantasy. Whether referring to the Divine (The Ultimate), Spiritual, Metaphysical, Physical, or Supernatural realms, a real Entity’s “What it is” consists of a “That it is” (its self-identity Essence existence when coming into Being-hood) + its Properties (what a Thing has). Both make it “Such as it is”. In Metaphysical, Physical, or Supernatural realms, those Properties, when Ether is added, consist of Primary Qualities, acting like Tones—with or without Secondary and Tertiary Qualities. Entities with Primary Qualities include: Emotions, Sound, an Essence’sEssentials (i.e. Character, Characteristics, Traits, and Features), Musical Notes, Symbols, and Dance. A Species of Primary Qualities, each with differing Properties, make for unique appearances among like-kind Entities. Yet, they are very closely related in Essence since they have the same Spiritual Elements “Genetics.” Classes of, say, Emotions which form a Classification are like a given Family of ‘like-kind’ realities. Similarly, all are very closely related in the nature of their Essence but each gives individualized manifestations. The top Primary Quality in each Entity has a Character. Its Disposition has a “What” and “Why” Message received from its Source + an Inclination + an Intention + a Temperament + an Attitude—all combining to give it a Tone. A Secular Tone,” pre-1300, meant a musical sound or note emitted by a stretched string—i.e. the character of sound. Then, among others, Tone was applied to a word or phrase able to be changed by nuances so as to alter its perception, meaning, or function; then, to a special stress or pitch accent given to one syllable in a word; then, as a style of Thought; then, a pervading conduct.

Manipulations and maneuverings of the ingredients making up the “normal” or the “middle” Value of the Tone design an Overtone or Undertone—each used to fashion new paths or insights. Originally, Undertone was described as a low or subdued tone, perhaps from a tone of lower pitch or lower loudness (e.g. a whisper). A mind’s awareness required subtle discernment skills. This expanded to include whatever is Underlying as, for example, an undercurrent of kindness or rage. Some Undertone nuanced messages are Subliminal (beneath ones aware sensory threshold)—i.e. a message flash at an "imperceptible shadow" level—implying it can be seen without being noticed. Others are Apprehended (C14; seizing)—i.e. mentally grasped but ranging from not being understood or even not being seen–all the way over to getting bits and pieces of understanding of it so as to form an idea of what will happen in the future. Overtone initially referred to one of the higher tones in a complex musical tone—recognized by implying, suggesting, or characterizing it. It is raised in quality or strength by such means as Figures of Communication (e.g. Figures of Speech and Affect Symbolic Imagery). Those, by spotlighting a sense impression in the Tone, create enough vividness in that fragmentary piece to illuminate its hidden relationships or patterns while “dematerializing” that thought’s boundaries. 

The resultant Vivid Imaging enables ones mind to blend into the Tone–switch from Thought to Emotions–and impart the more intensely vibrational Energy of stirred-up Emotions. The final result is to carry the “middle” Tone “over the top”—as a strong, enthusiastic message ‘moves’ one. Such an occurrence is aSynthesis–an assimilation of different types of ingredients present in the “middle”Tone, in the predominating disposition, and in the condition of the mind—as in ones mood and ones mental frame. Involved ingredients interweave, forming an Interchange. Next, happenings of each mosaic piece join to generate a mosaic Icon Image. Within the integration of whatever fashioned a Synthesis, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If this process has remained inside of and developed its products from the Spiritual Elements, by using the work product and its attributes, one slowly ascends from ones Lower (animalistic) Self to ones Highest (divinity) Self.

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