My Sample Election Ballot November 2014

My Sample Election Ballot November 2014
Hardy Brown Sr.

Hardy Brown Sr.

For the past few weeks I have provided my recommendations for the upcoming November election for candidates seeking re-election or election to seats in the state, county, and city as well as my recommendations for propositions and measures that will affect this region. I have written extensively on the importance for people to get involved and vote and elect citizens that will make public policies that will work for the betterment of all citizens. And when they fail to vote, it allows others to make decisions for them that might work against their best interest.

The electoral process is a privilege afforded all citizens and I cannot stress enough the importance to get out and vote, whether voting by mail in ballot or the polls.

Early voting begins on October 6th with vote by mail ballots beginning October 11th. October 20th is the last day to register for voting in the November 4th election. Here are my recommendations for the upcoming November election:

Jerry Brown, Governor
Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor
Alex Padilla, Secretary of State
Kamala Harris, Attorney General
Betty Yee, Controller
John Chiang, Treasurer

Pete Aguilar, 31st Congress District
Norma Torres, 35th Congress District
Connie Leyva 20th Senate District
Steve Fox 36th Assembly Dist
Nate Holden 41st Assembly Dist
Cheryl R. Brown 47th Assembly Dist
Freddie Rodriguez 52nd Assembly Dist
Ron King, County Board of Education Area B
Hardy Brown II, County Board of Education Area D
Joseph Williams, Community College Trustee Area 2
Don Singer, Community College Trustee Area 4
Gloria Negrete McLeod, Supervisor 4th District
Susan Longville, SBVMWD #3

Frank Gonzales, Mayor Colton

Acquanetta Warren, Mayor Fontana
John Roberts, City Council Fontana
Michael Tahan, City Council Fontana
Janet Koehler-Brooks, Treasurer Fontana
Tonia Lewis, City Clerk Fontana
Ayanna Blackmon-Balogun, School Board Fontana
Matt Slowick, School Board Fontana
Jesse Armendarez, School Board Fontana

Dina Walker, School Board Rialto
Lillie Houston, School Board Rialto

Mark Takano, 41st Congress
Eric Linder 60th Assembly Dist
Jose Medina 61st Assembly Dist
Virginia Blumenthal: Community College Trustee Area 2
Ben Johnson: Community College Trustee Area 4
Angelov Farooq, Community College Trustee Area 5
Kim Curry Goldsby, WMWD #2

Corey Jackson, City Council Moreno Valley

Proposition 2: State Budget Stabilization Account: YES
Proposition 45: Health Care Insurance Rate Change: NO
Proposition 46: Drug and Alcohol testing of doctor’s medical lawsuits: NO
Proposition 47: Criminal sentences misdemeanor changes. While I am in agreement that changes are needed in our criminal justice laws this one is too confusing in its language: Undecided
Proposition 48: Indian Gaming Compacts: YES
San Bernardino City
Measure Q: Help Save San Bernardino. It is Right for the city vote: YES
Measure R: Help Save San Bernardino. It is Right for the city vote: YES

REMEMBER TO VOTE November 4, 2014

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