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Mr. Trump We Don’t Need You

by admin on 19th-August-2016
Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

In my opinion presidential candidate Donald Trump is undermining the basic foundation of America’s government with his rhetoric. In an effort to deflect from his low polling and his constant missteps, he is saying that the election is rigged, that the media is against him, and then he “covertly” threatened his opponent by saying the “second amendment people” could stop her, among other things. 

Trump sounds like is a spoiled brat who wants to have everything his way or he’ll throw a fit…and like a child he’ll gather his toys and take them home, or in his case he’ll throw the media out of his press conferences. As I see it, he throws a tantrum, says something outrageous, and then when he’s called on what he has said he lies as if we can’t comprehend his words. In my opinion Donald Trump needs help, not the office of President of the United States. 

On Monday I listened to him give a speech on terrorism, or should I say he did a slow reading of a prepared speech that put me to sleep. There is no way I can even begin to believe him now based on his remarks over the past year. Trump has been running with the racists element of our society and now he wants the rest of America to believe he has changed. Like my late pastor Rev. Williams Jacks, a Republican from Mississippi used to say, “You cannot run with the rabbits and buddy with the hound.” Life does not work that way. If you have that rabbit scent all over you expect the hound dog to chase you. 

I have even heard Republican strategist Kiron Skinner, whose family used to live in San Bernardino, during an interview with Wolf Blitzer say she is trying to change her opinion of Trump if he changes his statements on race and international policies. Kiron is an African American academic who wrote many books on President Ronald Reagan. Out of all the polls taken on Donald Trump they cannot even get one percent of us to like Trump. 

Just like the hound dog smelling the scent of rabbits, we know the smell of racism and superiority with all its trappings on people when they get in a position of authority. Scent is defined as a distinctive odor; a hint of something imminent; to suspect or detect danger by the smell; a good perfume. Well what Trump is selling does not smell good. In fact, I have smelled that distinctive odor before and it meant nothing but trouble with a capital T. Mr. Trump, if you were elected you would go after anyone who disagreed with you regardless of his or her race, gender, or religion. 

Now people are looking at those who are supporting and hanging around you Mr. Trump to see if they have those same feelings or beliefs. They are not verbalizing what they see but they need to know the scent or odors do rub off on them. America does not need a leader that smells like you.

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  1. Ima Johnson

    Following the Democrats is getting us no where. Why do we vote Democrat anyway?  How has it helped?

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