Mike Soubirous: Riverside City Council Ward 3 Candidate

Mike Soubirous: Riverside City Council Ward 3 Candidate

Mike Soubirous

Mike Soubirous

I love Riverside, but we can’t keep doing the same things we’ve been doing for decades. We must think “outside the box” – we must be competitive.

That’s why I’m committed to serving this term without a Council salary. I want to show the people I am here to serve them.

I am running for city council because I know what it takes to get our city moving again. I believe our best years are ahead of us.

Less time on the road means more time with our families – and a better quality of life!
To create jobs, I’ll work for policies that encourage businesses to locate or expand in Riverside. Needless regulations and delays should be eliminated, and costly “red tape” should be cut. We need keep our tax dollars in Riverside!

We need to ensure we have the best restaurants, shopping, recreation and other amenities that draw people and their families to our city. When we become a “destination,” we will attract and keep tax dollars here and businesses will invest and grow here. Let’s make Riverside a destination city!
Higher taxes and rate increases are not the answer – reducing waste, needless spending and duplicative programs are what’s needed!

Our city streets are in rutted, pot-holed and in disrepair. Our curbs and gutters are damaged by tree roots – with some of our streets not draining properly – causing a water stagnation problem. I WILL be your advocate on these issues. I WILL ensure the needed work and repairs get done!

As your Ward 3 city councilman, I’ll always fight to ensure the public’s safety – your safety – is my top priority! On the road, at home, in the workplace and especially at our schools – we must maintain a safe and secure environment.
Our city’s traffic must keep flowing as more and longer train traffic traverses our city. I am committed to getting results. I will work tirelessly to achieve these goals! I am opposed to RED LIGHT CAMERAS.

Our city government needs to be accountable to its people. It should be “user-friendly” as well. I am committed to finding and maintaining funding sources for our senior centers, like the Janet Goeske Center, which provides a cool zone in the summer, a place to link with vital services and welcome environment to interact with others with similar needs.

Your councilperson should be responsive to your call. I will work hard to be an advocate for the people living in Ward 3.

I have been a public servant most of my adult life. As a law enforcement officer, I never forgot the fact I worked for taxpayers, and the role I played in serving them. I will bring that same attitude and commitment to our city council. I will work for you!

I will push for more openness and transparency in our local government –– ensuring the light of public awareness is shined on all public decisions allowed by law.

I will bring our local government to you. Your voice and your local neighborhood’s voice should be heard. I will represent your interest – not my personal interest.

I will keep my office door open to everyone –– making myself available to anyone in Riverside who needs my help.
And, I will always remember that I am elected to serve you, not be served by you!

We can do this – but I need your support to make this happen!
I will do my very best to serve you.
I ask for your vote,

Contact me – I will answer you! – (951) 515-1663, email: msoubirous@mac.com, website: Mike4Riverside.com

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