“ME/WE” benefit productions are the ultimate Beauty in African Tradition of what Black people do as a lifestyle. Just as musical conductors set down notes to be played or sung, and then shepherd their musicians as to when and how to play corresponding musical sounds, an African Tradition Philosophy of Life (POL) takes a human’s scattered best efforts and weaves “ME/WE” products. To appreciate this requires understanding Ancient African Origin concepts of all Real Cosmic Entities. In the way an apple Seed gives rise to roots, a trunk, branches, leaves, and fruit, so does the Cosmic Creator “Seed” produce all Cosmic Things. African Sages said God’s “Seed” consists of Androgynic plast (called Protoplasm today)—a plast whose Essences are comprised of the Spiritual Elements “Genetics” for all God’s creatures and creations, including for each human. When those “Genetics” descend into Cosmic Matter wrappings of Ether, the result resembles an organic “Cell”—like a mother’s Identical (monozygotic) Twins’ “egg”. After that single egg is fertilized, before the twins separate, they move to opposite poles while staying within the same egg—called Meiosis. Next, the egg splits–called Mitosis—to separate the Twins so as for each to struggle to survive on their own. Thereafter, each twin has a customized and unique existence leading to an individualized Character and Personality. Such is the result of their different experiences in their different existences within the same womb and then after birth. Note the important concept of both twins having Uniqueness despite their “Sameness” Genetics. The same Meiosis is featured in the Cosmic Organism’s humans, Animals, Plants, and Minerals members residing in the same Cosmic “Cell” prior to being born. Within this Meiosis Cell they are joined in a Virtual state–a shared womb–called the Ocean of Nun. “Virtual” means they are all bonded, lack form, are undefined, undifferentiated, and yet are not in disorder. Inside this Cosmic shared womb, each Entity has a Unique “ME” self-identity–while simultaneously having a “Sameness” by sharing a wholistic “WE” Identity with all of the other Entities. Hence, all in the shared womb are Spiritually related to each and every one of God’s Creatures and Creations, no matter how remote in time or space or how different in appearance–termed the Law of Sympathy

That is what I mean by “ME/WE” in African Tradition. In the Meiosis state, each cell in each Entity and all cells in all Entities carry forth the Omnipotence (unlimited and universal power), Omnipresent (everywhere simultaneously), and Omniscient (total knowledge) instilled by the Creator God but in a drop proportion to that taken out of the infinite ocean of God. All Genes in each Cell have a memory of where they came from. Each Cell–while moving through a human’s life, an African Group’s Spirit, or the African Diaspora throughout the Ages–is orchestrated by a spirit force apart from its DNA Essence. Despite having the same Essence, the “Genetics” inside each Cell differs in combination and arrangement. That explains why people’s Talents and Individuality are “Unique” and yet they have the “Same” Human Nature aspects. “Survival”—a Lower Self’s “First Law of Nature”—is about self-protecting and self-preserving of all in the Animal and Plant Kingdoms, independent of any other Entity. However, at ones first opportunity to have a measure of strength and stability, ones Highest (Divinity) Self nature takes over and does what is best for the “ME/WE”. Examples are by struggling to get out of destruction, disturbances, or threats; to help; and to “Lift the ‘WE’ while the ‘ME’ is climbing into a thriving life of well-being”. Thus, every ‘ME’ act is for the intension to daily Self-Improve towards its Highest Self + to blend into Compassion’s space with the truly Needy + to provide benefits in each ‘WE’ otherness encounter + to enhance the ‘WE’ as part of oneself.

On Earth, after Necessities, ones “ME/WE” Mission in life is of top priority. An African Tradition POL—not an assumed Mission–enables ones ‘Calling’ to naturally flow into ones life. Such attracts worthy people. One does not give up who one is to fit with the Crowd—or allow them to define who one is and how to live. Ones “ME/WE” POL orchestrates ones "Being-hood" as an authoritative administrator governor—e.g. instructing, arranging, combining, and conditioning the nature of ones “ME/WE” molding. This process is like kneading dough into a uniform mixture by pressing, folding, and stretching ones Selfhood so as to achieve ones life’s Mission. jabaileymd.com

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“ME/WE” is an: "All for One, One for all" concept of African Zulus, called Ubuntu. The Nguni Bantu define it as connection of all “Humanity”—meaning its “Sameness” creation is the Cosmic Force. They translate it as: “I am because we are”; or “Humanity towards others”...


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