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Marijuana measure seeks spot on November ballot in City of San Bernardino

by admin on 14th-June-2016


San Bernardino, CA

A proposed, local marijuana ballot measure is positioned to qualify for the November ballot. The measure would allow up to five dispensaries within the boundaries of the City of San Bernardino.

Supporters of the measure have secured the number of signatures required to qualify the measure and those signatures are now being validated by the county’s Registrar of Voters.   Although this measure is exclusive to the City of San Bernardino, once the signatures are validated the measure will join a plethora of marijuana related initiatives vying to either advance or limit the access and/or use of marijuana in California that may appear on this year’s ballot. 

The number of statewide, marijuana related initiatives considered for this year’s ballot is staggering. By early May, eleven marijuana measures had already been cleared by the California Secretary of State for signature gathering. Some have since failed to gather the required signatures in the allotted time. In the meantime, another eight marijuana initiatives were pending approval for circulation.

In regards to the eight pending initiatives, often a measure’s sponsor may file multiple versions of the same ballot initiative. They do this in an attempt to keep their particular initiative alive. This is in essence is how it works:  If the circulation deadline comes and goes on one version of an initiative without enough signatures gathered for it to be filed; the initiative itself may still be alive, provided its sponsor(s) has a later version of the measure waiting in the wings with a deadline farther into the future.

California was the first state in the nation to consider legalizing marijuana in 1972 with Proposition 19. The initiative was roundly defeated when only 33.5 percent of the electorate approved of the measure while 66.5 percent of the state’s voters cast ballots against it. Much has changed in regards to public sentiment regarding the use of marijuana in the intervening years.

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