Making a Difference

Making a Difference


San Bernardino, CA

A group of nonprofit organizations in San Bernardino committed to changing the lives of homeless youth and more, have come together to raise money in a fairly traditional way for a very important cause. 

Joshua Home along with two other local organizations (Together We Will) have decided to take a tried and true approach to fundraising. The group is opening a thrift store—the JH Boutique & Thrift, located at 2715 West Foothill Boulevard, San Bernardino. 

The shop will help raise the funds necessary to open the “Joshua Home Drop-in Center” for any unaccompanied homeless youth in the Inland Empire. The Center will be the first of its kind in the area. 


The founder and CEO of Joshua Home, Annette Patterson told The Voice, “With hundreds of homeless youth in the Inland Empire, there is a huge need for innovative programs and services to take care of these youth and to get them into permanent housing.” She continued, “The Joshua Home Resources Outreach Drop-in Center will serve any unaccompanied youth in San Bernardino and Riverside counties by providing nutritious meals, showers, clean clothes, personal hygiene items, tutoring, job training, counseling and more.” 

At JH Boutique & Thrift, homeless youth will have an opportunity to get back on track academically with referrals and tutoring, as well as receive basic job training skills. In addition, the store will provide quality items for the community at prices they can afford. The store is scheduled to open on August 20, 2016. 

The organization Together We Will is a generational powerhouse, representing three generations—grandmother, mother and daughter. Together, they have served homeless youth, adults, veterans and their children, senior citizens and low-income families since 2014. 


Joshua Home is an LGBTQ Safe Haven committed to ending LGBTQ+ youth homelessness by providing permanent gender inclusive housing solutions, services and programs. 

“The thrift store will help us to continue serving at-risk youth in the area, and allow us to extend our reach to other areas when the center opens in 2017,” Patterson shared.

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