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La Sierra Pipeline Construction Update

by admin on 5th-May-2017

Riverside, CA

According to the Western Municipal Water District (WMWD), work on the La Sierra Pipeline Project is set to begin. 

The $36 million project is designed to provide locally sourced, drought-proof drinking water to agency customers. It includes the placement of five miles of 30-inch pipe underground, along La Sierra Avenue. It will connect two desalter facilities – Chino Desalter and Arlington Desalter – to the La Sierra Tank. 

According to WMWD, the Chino Desalter will increase its water production by 3,500 acre-feet per year, and production capacity at the Arlington Desalter is also expected to increase largely as the result of a new 5,400 horse-powered pump station. Desalter facilities are used to reduce the salinity of water for human and animal consumption. 

The connection between the two desalter facilities and the La Sierra Tank will facilitate the delivery of the added water supply to 80,000 WMWD customers. 

WMWD said it is limiting construction hours to 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. to avoid noise during early mornings and late evenings. Motorists are advised to expect some traffic interruptions along La Sierra Avenue during the construction period; officials recommend seeking an alternate route when possible. 

The project is funded by a grant from the Federal Bureau of Reclamation, and agency within the U.S. Department of Interior that oversees water resource management, and the agency’s Water Reliability Fund as earmarked in its existing rate schedule. As a result, the project is not expected to increase rates currently charged to customers. 

The pipeline is expected to take nearly eighteen months to complete. To learn more about the pipeline, its construction, and/or to view a short video on the La Sierra Pipeline Expansion visit wmwd.com/432/ La-Sierra-Pipeline-Project.

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