Kudos For The Good News

Kudos For The Good News

To The Editor

Good News

Pick up the newspaper and you will read that San Bernardino is one of the cities with the highest crime rate in the nation. I turn on the TV and Internet and see that San Bernardino is one of the 10 worst cities to raise a family. The city of San Bernardino continues to be portrayed as the worst this, and the worst that. Unfortunately, the same so-called news will broadcast for three days straight as if there are no other events taking place in the world. Particularly in the sports world, negative behaviors make the headlines.

I want to share some good news about San Bernardino. Good things are happening in our city. San Bernardino has an unbeaten Minor League football team that just defeated unbeaten Las Vegas to maintain San Bernardino’s undefeated record of 9-0.

The San Bernardino California Raiders, a group of young men from assorted backgrounds and temperaments, molded into a winning machine that brings positive notoriety to the city. They should be recognized and lauded for their efforts and achievements. A minor league football team that is affiliated with the National Developmental Professional Football League (NDPFL), The Raiders play teams from all over Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

These young men come from different gang related neighborhoods and nobody asks about gang membership or turf. They come from law enforcement, from the corporate world, and on Saturday night the players all wear the California Raiders colors and share the one common thrill of winning a championship. This is reportedly the longest running, winningest, minor-league football team in the Inland Empire.

The Raiders have been located at San Bernardino High School, engaged in the same sport, for 10 years. On Saturday nights you will find them on the football field rather than on the street corners. How about a pat on the back and some kudos for these positive thinking football players. The detrimental elements of our society can so easily entice our young people to go astray. Consequently when we have young people in school and organizations, that are engaged in positive endeavors, we should praise and support them as much as possible.

Hats off to owner, Dwaine Radden, Sr., the coaches, the players, and supporters of the San Bernardino California Raiders. Full speed ahead to another championship!

Mildred Henry, Ph.D.

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