Kindness is Good for You

Kindness is Good for You


Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

Kindness can be a smile across a room to someone you see feels nervous and out of place, it can mean a few minutes of your time to talk to the guy who lives on the street that is invisible to the average passersby. It can mean a practical helping hand or mentoring someone through college or their career. In fact the act of kindness – whether it’s just a smile, a word or when you do something practical is all about taking action and when you do, something wonderful happens. 

Perhaps the hardest type of kindness is being kind to yourself – have you noticed how much more forgiving we are to others and yet so unforgiving of ourselves. We call this the ‘special person syndrome’. If it’s o.k. for another then why do you see yourself as being so special it isn’t for you? 

Those who work together using their kindness to co-operate for the well-being of others bring about major changes. Kindness does not mean you cannot be assertive. Have you ever seen a lioness fight to protect her cub – you wouldn’t want to stay around! Psychologists, Sociologists and academics say that we do this to ensure the survival of our family line and communities being programmed into our genes. 

Kindness, gratitude and compassion are also good for your mental and physical health. Small random acts of kindness make you feel good about yourself and individuals find they often get something unexpected back in return. You find yourself gaining friends or getting an email one day from someone who remembers you and wants to offer you a job. You may even have forgotten the name of the person but they have not forgotten you. You also get a sense of personal satisfaction which many describe as a greater gift than the act is for the other person. 

The happier you are the better your immune system and your ability to withstand stress. Kindness is good for you emotionally and psychologically and may be better than all the vitamin pills you can take.

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