Kimbrew Is No Friend of Riverside’s NAACP

Kimbrew Is No Friend of Riverside’s NAACP

Hardy L. Brown

Hardy L. Brown

California Friends of the African-American Caucus, which claims 20.1 million friends as regular followers, started a flurry last week when its headline attacked the local Riverside branch NAACP President Woodie Rucker-Hughes and the Executive Committee for nominating and giving its law enforcement award to District Attorney Paul Zellerbach.

Now before I go into my opinion I want to share some background information on the one doing the complaining. I have never met him personally but I do know people who know him as well as my own investigation. I will start with an article from the Wave Newspaper’s columnist Betty Pleasant that is published by Pluria Marshall whom I have known for many years:

That ex-convict Basil Kimbrew, who was arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned for engaging in political hanky-panky in Compton several years ago, is at it again some more!! Through his “California Friends of the African American Caucus” website, he twice blasted this week some scurrilous accusations and innuendoes against a Compton official, who, in my opinion was simply doing his job, and tied him to a popular Los Angeles woman with impeccable credentials and character to some kind of evil deed. And for what reason? Politics. I am so angry about this that I’m finding it difficult to write about it without using the full range of my expression — a range that includes words that would not be permitted in a family publication. (December 5,2013) 

Now with that as an introduction to this “friend” of our community you can look him up in the Los Angeles Times and Compton Bulletin where he served on the Compton School Board. In regards to the Riverside NAACP issue, it is alleged that Basil has a political affiliation with Zellerbach’s opponent in the race for District Attorney. I do not know if Basil is a member of the NAACP, if so, he could have gone to the branch and registered a complaint against the decision to give anyone an award. No, he decided to put the branch on his e-blast and try to disgrace the branch and its leadership.

I want to inform Mr. Kimbrew that we are not a little hick town on the outskirts of Los Angeles that you can push around. Our leadership, individuals like Woodie Rucker-Hughes, is well prepared with experience and high moral character and values. Rev. Leon Sullivan, one of the giants from the civil rights era, trained Woodie. I know this firsthand because I sat in the room with them during his visits to Riverside to meet with her when she served as his Field Director for OIC. I also know the church she attends, as do many of her executive members. I also know where she works because I have visited her there many times.

So Mr. Kimbrew, take my advice and issue the Riverside Branch of the NAACP a public apology and send a copy to the state and national office. Oh and send a copy to a real award winning news publication, the VOICE in Riverside. If you do that then I know that the real citizens of Riverside will read it. If you do not, then I would advise you to pack up and leave Moreno Valley like you left Compton and Carson.

Let me see if you are big enough to change your ways of sleazy political tricks, it is your choice.

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