A program to bolster the “shaky man-hoods” of the semi-barbaric ancient Greeks included the Greek Pythagoras (582-500 BC) teaching European males that they were the “Measure of all things”—and not the Spiritual God as he had been taught by Africans Sages. To speed up these insecure citizens’ beliefs in each being a Supernatural “little god,” their authorities corralled them into conformity by telling them there could be no higher truth than what each one determined it to be. By their only enemy being those insisting on some principle higher than the individual and by that insistence being so unsociable as to properly justify a rage reaction, the combative rule was for all to unite on the ideas of passive aggression and collective retaliation. Hence, they were/are, from birth, Programmed by Satanists to conform in a series of small, graded steps to carry out approaches, methods, techniques, and manners so as to achieve specific functions and to solve spotlighted problems. The formula for positive values was/is the repeated cult action–“X” leads to a desirable outcome, “Y”. Despite each member, a radical individualist, believing his own intents come first, to harm one member by not agreeing with the group is to harm all. That calls for cult vindictiveness on those harming them. The cult’s role is to enforce their social chaos on scapegoats and to join in retaliation on them—which they find “exciting”. This process of Supernatural Programming means its route of thinking is not related to humane processes involved in realistic or Natural World Rational brains and hence they never establish Humane connections inside their brains frontal lobes. Thus, cult members are willfully blind to all but their cult leaders, members, and own self’s importance, desires, judgments, emotions, insecurities, and fears.

From childhood on, these “Normal Variant” minds are only able to distinguish between general dimensions (e.g. light/dark; “for me/against me”)—and not specifics. Their programmed Patterned Thinking generates a False Self—an Ego–ones Self-Concept Icon Image “Personality”. Both first ensure Adualism is exemplified in very young normal children—i.e. imagery used too much or so intensely as to join their Physical and Supernatural happenings into Surrealism. Second, this leads to an inability to distinguish Inner and External world realities or its true ingredients and/or perceptual “raw materials” aspects. For example, experiencing a wish in ones mind becomes equivalent to the false belief of its external world actualization (as in schizophrenia). Third, Adualism is at the root of immanent experiences resulting from absorbing Patterned ways of doing things from ones in-group or society. Here, Immanent concerns what dwells in or pervades ones mind, without necessarily being a part of it. An analogy is a two-sided but split coin with ones Inner World thoughts on one side and ones programmed External World thoughts on the other side. Yet, one is unaware of there being a difference. Fourth, Immanent entities meshing with ones “Normal Variant” form of “Personality” produce Synaesthesia effects. Synaesthesia (‘feeling or perceive together’) is a condition in which two senses respond (one primary, the other secondary) when only one is stimulated—called Cross Perception.

Examples are: “it looks cold inside”; “I taste words”; “loud colors;” “dark sounds.” But these layered four factors mentally fashion evil Icon Images extremely grand in character, perhaps resembling threatening faceless evil ‘monsters’. Such “Phantasmagoria” (phantasm, fantasm, or ghostly figures) are assembled into an Umbra–a complete and fully formed dark shadow. It symbolizes an “enemy” whose nature—i. e. proposed operational manifestations–is determined by “Killer” police cult leaders and members. These represent Supernatural justifications for doing inhumane acts to their victims–and without any compassion. Their selected “enemy” is Black People because of historical envying their 200,000 years of world-shaping, world-changing, and world-maintenance achievements–achievements in who they are and in what they do. By having enslaved Africans they did not kill or otherwise destroy, Europeans have focused on changing victims’ African Tradition by switching their God; controlling what many Enslaved and their today’s descendants thought/think about themselves; and keeping them in dire poverty. To make up for being colossal personal failures in life, this situational scenario is a perfect “fit” for alienated, isolated, in despair, and “Broken Brains” aggressors. They get tiny relief from “taking down” those they know to be far ahead of them.


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“ME/WE” is an: "All for One, One for all" concept of African Zulus, called Ubuntu. The Nguni Bantu define it as connection of all “Humanity”—meaning its “Sameness” creation is the Cosmic Force. They translate it as: “I am because we are”; or “Humanity towards others”...


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The System of the Natural World is an Approach (the way) concerned with created Beings functioning as vehicles. From them, Mathematically Structured Things will come into Existence (African, “Essence,” to be as absolutely necessary and with a customized...

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