Very ancient Europeans’ killing history is today! Indicative examples of “pleasure killings” are by there having been no pattern changes in generating violent confrontations upon defenseless Christians, condemned criminals, and Slaves—all losing their lives. The despised Enslaved were schooled under harsh conditions, socially marginalized, and segregated even in death. European Brute Brain Excitement culture was fed by Roman emperors putting on spectacles. Volunteers risked their legal and social status and lives to engage in Roman gladiatorial fights “to the death.” By fighting and/or dying well, they would inspire Crowd admiration, popular acclaim, be celebrated in high and low art, and have their value as entertainers commemorated in precious and commonplace objects throughout the Roman world. Starting in 264 BC and used to distract the public from the social problems in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire, “the Games” spanned a 1000 year period. A typical setting was tens of thousands of Roman citizens impatiently bored in the coliseum, awaiting trapdoors in the floor of the arena to open. When the starved lions, bears, wild boars, and leopards were released, the laughing, clapping and yelling crowd would place bets on which criminal, each with hands tied behind her/his back, would die first–which one would ultimately be chosen by the largest lion–and which one would survive longest. The animals rushed toward the naked and terrified criminals sitting on both ends of a petaurua (a seesaw). Attempts by one victim to leap away from the beasts’ snapping jaws would fling her/him upward and simultaneously cause the opposite end of the seesaw criminal to go crashing down into the fury of striking claws and gnashing teeth. During the “halftime show,” another like-kind episode occurred. Its popularity spurred ever more lavish and costly “Games.”

Greedy Brute Brains devised other types of killings to which all rich/poor, men/women, children, and noble elite Romans eagerly attended. Each “Game” had ever-changing sponsors and “Editor” organizers intent on promoting their philosophies and positions to the widest spectrum of Romans—each vying to be the “Star” on this enormously powerful platform. The more extreme and fantastic the spectacles, the more popular the Games with the Crowd, and the more popular the Games, the more influence, power, money and opportunity the Editor could have—as seen today. Similarly, since Games could break their reputation, Editors planned meticulously every last detail. Politicians and aspiring noblemen spent unthinkable sums on the Games they sponsored in hopes of swaying public opinion in their favor, courting votes, and/or disposing of any person or warring faction they wanted out of the way. Yet, the only thing that mattered to Roman Crowds was to keep eagerly witnessing greater unique spectacles promised by each new game—i.e. to stay excited. For example, as “exotic markers of exceptionally lavish spectacles,” Nero (66 AD) had Ethiopian women, men, and children fight at a “munus” (show) to impress the King of Armenia. Such sadism associated with the Supernatural had been well established back in primitive European times. It was about the Romans’ need to believe in being “superior”—having the power to determine others lives or deaths.

Hence, this addiction showed in continuing escalating galas so as to feed their bottomless thirst for bloodshed and death. To these ends, promoters developed all sorts of ways to kill people—and making up excuses to have people available to kill. The Crowd was variously manipulated so as to inspire thrill-type fear, loyalty, and patriotism to this entire process—a process giving momentary Fascination to watching “inferiors” being destroyed so as to have a shared validated sense of empowerment of being “little gods”. Part of the Game” was to see who could set-up and carry out killings most smoothly and most often—and get away with it. That this “sick” Brute Brain mindset became well established is seen today in every aspect. To show how all of this is identical in principle to what is going on today, the original purpose of the Roman emperor was to keep the urban plebs quiet and distracted from all of the evil things being done to them. Such is seen today with the use of “Technology” as Flashing Light gadgets and Social Media but having meaningless pleasures in the process. This ensures the public stays ignorant of the bad things happening to their lives. From that savage culture, “Killer” police’s savage mindsets and practices have arisen.


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