Mosaics are small pieces of stone, glass, or wood of different colors inlaid to form a picture or design. Mosaic Thinking is exhibited by the mental form of a Jigsaw puzzle. Its mechanical counterpart has two components. First, inside the box there are many scrambled parts of different sizes and shapes that, when correctly assembled, will second, duplicate and complete the picture on the box in which the parts are contained. In the situation of “Killer” police, what needs to be solved is the “Why” of a Supernatural nature that they display in a Physical World context of needless killings. The components of the Supernatural are Fantasy, Acquired Emotions, and Non-Rational Thinking and its thinking methods are about various unnatural combinations and arrangements. Examples would be modified Anagrams (forms Brute thoughts derived from transposing the thoughts found in Satanist Codes) and Palindromes (the same Brute thoughts are on both sides of the equation). The principle of solving this puzzle is by Cryptograms (finding the key Brute thoughts of killing that stand for their Physical World displays). Each Jigsaw piece is of a Mosaic nature–an Icon Image made of bits and pieces of the Spiritual Elements and emitting radar vibrations of payload messages, depending upon its Shape. Mosaic Thinking starts with Circumstantially derived Assumptions—for which proof is not possible. Answers come from what is likely to have Correspondence between the Supernatural and the killings. The context for this Jigsaw puzzle is that “Killer” police get the notion of being “Superior” over all who are not like them by believing in the Supernatural. One aspect of this is that Satanists are defined in European dictionaries as adversaries of the Spiritual God of the Natural World.

Another aspect is that the Supernatural is defined as being in a realm belonging to a higher order or system than that of Nature, or transcending the ordinary course of Nature—and therefore also the Spiritual God. Still another is that since Religion is said to be a deification of ones own culture, European dictionaries define Religion as: “Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe; a system grounded in such belief and worship.” Assumption I from this is that believing they are “Superior” means that this Supernatural route of thinking is not related to processes involved in a human’s Rational brain. European science says the ability to recognize objects in the real world is handled by different parts of the brain than those that allow people to imagine in Fantasy what the world is like. Normally, the frontal lobe of the Rational Brain is its “Judgment” center or CEO. For those “Natural World” people with a moral Conscience the frontal lobes’ thinking does reasonable or “Common Sense” planning for Humane displays in the Physical World; uses foresight and forethought in assessing risks and evaluating Consequences of those displays; and thinks strategically for what is best for “ME/WE”. It is also the “Inhibition center” of the brain, discouraging the individual from acting impulsively in a Brute Brain Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism manner. Whether thinking in this Humane or Brute Brain way, the frontal lobe ultimately develops like-kind partnership connections to many other areas of the brain, so that experiences and emotions are processed through the Judgment center. Such is explained by a truism of the Universe—that it aligns ones Character with people, things, and situations which match the vibrations in ones Character. Hence, the expression: “birds of a feather flock together.” Or, as said in the European Bible’s Ecclesiasticus: “Birds dwell with their kind.” In addition to “Killer” police setting up a Brute Brain pattern of thinking means—Assumption II—that just as the immaturity of a teen’s Judgment center does not fully mature until c23-25 years of age, failing to use the realistic or Natural World aspects of their frontal lobes means Humane connections are never established.

In short, the Amygdala part of their Brute Brains—the part in-charge of despondency and fear—dominate in a manner similar to teens’ often inability to properly interpret experiences in the environment. Thus, they make improper “ME/WE” decisions. A University of Iowa study said that as early as age 5, Black boys are perceived and demonized by White people as “Faceless Monsters.” With “Killer” police, many other contributory factors are added—and most prominently their own self-hatred and “Manhood” insecurities. These establish Amygdala dominance.


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