“Aliveness” in People of African Tradition–derived from producing beneficial “ME/WE” gifts –implies their use of Spiritual Energy to live out of their Higher (Divinity) Selves. By contrast, all who live out of their Lower (animalistic) Selves seek “Excitement” of a “Me, Me, Me” nature. “Excite” (C14 English, ‘agitated elation”) applies to anything bringing forth an intense emotional display and rouses one to activity in External (Material) World settings. Excitement is at the core of ones psychological and physiological addictions (e.g. to fear). Its habituated effects are on ones Endocrine System stemming from hyper-sensitized activation of ones Central Nervous System. Examples are the Reticular Activating System, the Brainstem (with connections extending to the cerebral cortex), and the Autonomic Nervous System. This combination increases heart rate and blood pressure + an excited state of Sensory Consciousness alertness + elevated mobility making a teeming readiness to respond. Particularly important are the brain’s neurotransmitters—e.g. Acetylcholine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Histamine, and Serotonin. When all of these systems are in a heightened state of action, their receptive areas (e.g. nerves) become responsive to incoming signals, producing Brain (e.g. Cortical) activity that puts the Physical body on a hyper-reactive “Fight, Flight, or Fright” alert. The Temperament of a people largely depends upon their ancestral Collective Consciousness and Collective Unconsciousness—both, for European “Killer” police, date to their European beginnings 45,000 years ago. Its Ice Age “Scarcity” physical survival feature was a Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate ‘second nature’ lifestyle of “excitement”—and “excitement” having no alternative and thus addictive.

Powering this “Excitement” was natural and acquired Fear. Its cultural transmission ensured a persistently over-active Brain Amygdala–composed of several nuclei in the temporal lobe (memory) and its intimate connections with the hypothalamus, hippocampus, cirgulate gyrus, and septum. This complex plays a significant role in emotional behavior and motivation. In particular, the Hypothalamus was/is prominent in generating Excitement and in fettered passionate aggressiveness. In those destined to be “Killer” police, the process springs from the “Spoiled Child” pattern. Such comes from not setting boundaries on what children feel entitled to; generating addictive instant gratification Needy Wants—the “what I want–the how I want it—the when I want it–and the where I want it” Syndrome. Overtime, if unchecked, this Syndrome expands so that these “Spoiled Brats” come to believe their wants and needs supersede anybody else’s, except the authorities they have been frightened into accepting as “superior.” Gradually, they slip into a Brute Brain orientation to life, as in the Indulging of their Anger/Rage when anything blocks or threatens to block their “spoiled brat” minds.

The C17 word “Indulge” (‘allow long enough’; ‘give free rein to’) means that when “spoiled brats” Acquired Emotions (e.g. Fear of Scarcity of luxuries, not winning the Greed race, and/or Insecurity in ones Selfhood) are triggered, they instantly and automatically resort to Anger/Rage Attitudes. Also, this reaction indicates an addiction to Acquired Anger/Rage Emotions as well as embraces what, who, and when triggers them. By lacking self-discipline, they cannot inhibit that Anger/Rage. If told to be calm, their Brute Brain orientation to ‘machoism’ causes them to consider being calm is a sign of weakness. Meanwhile, their self-indulging addiction slides them into a Fantasy world of Anger/Rage. It brings with it weird, mindset enveloping passionless forces—forces absent any known source, meaning, or purpose. Still, layered on to their addictions are Fascinations by being free to wallow in being out of control inside it + the absence of restrictions from Survival Instincts so as to enable one to enter the Supernatural “Awe” and “Fascination” realm—a realm seemingly coming from far away. Like witchcraft, such irresistible influences fashion “who is who” and “what is what” bewitchments for which one becomes enamored or enraptured. Such is a great motivator for these addicts to perfect how to “push the buttons” of the feigned enemies they select who have what will give momentary relief from their overwhelming inner turmoil. Part of the process, while killing Black “faceless monsters,” is for “Killer” police to manipulate cult system members to supply what they want—to protect them—and to prevent them from losing what little they have.


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