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Kaiser Administrator Will Serve His Childhood Community

by admin on 7th-April-2018

Anthony Coleman

Fontana – Anthony (Tony) Coleman was recently appointed by Kaiser Permanente’s to serve as the new Assistant Hospital Administrator for the San Bernardino County Area. According to Public Affairs Director Heather Raymond, Coleman assumed his new position, March 12. 

Coleman grew up in Fontana and attended A.B. Miller High School. He and his brother used to ride their bikes down Sierra Avenue to Tailor Made, a local donut shop across the street from the Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center. 

Before joining the Navy, Coleman said he received all of this health care through Kaiser Permanente. “I used to get migraines and thankfully they had gone away as I grew older. However, in order to join the Navy, I needed my doctor to write a note verifying that the migraines had subsided.” Coleman shared how he subsequently rode his bike to the Fontana Medical Center. “I met with my doctor, he reviewed my medical record, and was able to provide the note that I needed.” 

Retired from the Navy after 20 years as a lieutenant, Coleman has more than 10 years of successful health administration and finance leadership experience. Most recently, he participated in the Senior Military Officer Program sponsored by Kaiser Permanente which prepares senior military officers for transition into senior level healthcare opportunities. 

Coleman earned his Doctorate in Health Administration and Policy and his Master of Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina, and his Bachelor of Science in Workforce, Education and Development from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. 

“If it weren’t for Kaiser Permanente, I wouldn’t have had my Navy career or my health care career,” Coleman shared when the appointment was announced. “It is a blessing to be able to return and serve the community that I grew up in. Life has come full circle.”

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