At age 5, as a champion marble shooter, I was sitting on the floor of my back-porch in Minnesota selecting marbles for a competition. Suddenly, a “mind-flash” of "Help Bright Black Boys" appeared. Amazingly, though being the leader of two “gangs” at the same time–one Norwegians and the other, Swedes–I saw no Black youth. Still, my pre-birth Emotions enabled me to “Feel” this message from the “Voice of the Silence” as being an indicator of my Mission in life. A human’s Mission is a pre-birth “Calling” in which, to the utmost, ones “Heart” will be exercised equally with ones “Head”–while paying a heavy price to give Selfless Service. The Mission happenings require understanding the processes of life so as to provide Influences urging one to be better and better—everyday—and in every way—as well as to do Deeds which leave things better than when found. Ones birth-gift Genius provides for the Disposition’s “What and Why” Mission Message, complete with the Talent and Power specific to produce Great Truth “packages”. The Success degree depends on ones motivation input. Being aware of the “ballpark” of my Mission spotlighted a “ME/WE” spiritual bonding with the Cosmic Organism. It also signified that my job was to help improve a tiny piece of it as I self-improved. Thereafter, all I did was geared to heading towards my Mission and that automatically put my life in Order. Besides this being the key to maintaining a sense of Selfhood Greatness, it meant learning how to make fun out of hard work and fashion small successes on the path. 

My Mission crystallized after moving to an all-Black community in Wilson, North Carolina and becoming immediately aware of how my peers had been beaten down by racism–i.e. losing their inborn sense of Selfhood Greatness. Thus, they believed all the evilness they heard from White society while I believed none of what they said of “how bad Black People are and how great White people are.” Even realizing at that point it was just the opposite, I saw nothing White people had that was of benefit to me—and no standards they had that I should strive for—and nothing they did that I admired—no intellect I respected—and no possession I wanted. Actually, they seemed like a mean bunch, full of fear and hate. A White man once asked me if I did not want to be White. My response was: “Absolutely not, but I would not mind having their privileges”. By contrast, my all-Black communities of Wilson and Greensboro, North Carolina impressed me with the purity and the simplicity in their spontaneous, free-flowing expressions of the Spiritual Elements—i.e. Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Part of their wonderfulness was the daily demonstrations of "just because" Compassion displays—something I have never seen White people demonstrate. These were standards to which I aspired to model. This was the Background Mindset of all Black youth, regardless of their degree of struggling in life. Yet those struggles made for significant problems associated with their Foreground manifestations in daily living.  Further crystallization of my Mission occurred from seeing huge numbers of my high school classmates–some simply brilliant; some with world class talent–drop out of school and head directly into "dead ends." I vowed then to make myself a success and return to the Black Community to do all I could to help Black youth free their Enslaved Minds so they could travel together deep into the greatness of their Ancient African Ancestors. 

But this Self-Declaration required carving out my own path and traveling it alone. “The way” was shaped: (1) by my Mother’s guidance in keeping me aware of going “straight ahead” but otherwise letting me find my own path; (2) by living for three years with Momma Clara, Aunt Julia, and Aunt Cherry where I saw Unconditional Love demonstrated throughout every day; (3) from my all-Black Community which asked: “what college are you going to”. By each saying: “you must succeed for your race” imparted a realistic “ME/WE” obligation, duty, and responsibility; and (4) from my African American ex-Slave newspaper customers. They specialized in being “plain and simple” in relaying the profound. One lady, for example, said: "Find the Truth and build all your decisions around it." They spurred me to discover how they got to be so wise, despite Europeans putting them through constant overwhelming hellish terrorist trials and tribulations. That spur put me on the Scholarship path to Ancient African Philosophy in order to share with interested struggling Black youth. jabaileymd.com

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