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Introducing: Kristi Smith, City of Riverside Interim City Attorney

by admin on 22nd-January-2015
Kristi Smith

Kristi Smith

The City of Riverside is concluding its agreement with a local law firm that has provided interim leadership of the City Attorney’s Office and will name a 13-year veteran of the Office to handle those duties until a full-time City Attorney is selected.

The City notified Best Best & Krieger that the City is concluding the agreement effective last week. The agreement, which has been in place since July, paid the firm $19,500 per month for the services of one of its employees, Cristina Talley, who also works for other cities in California.

The firm has worked in this capacity for the City since City Attorney Gregory P. Priamos left the position to become County Counsel for Riverside County. The City currently is recruiting a replacement.

“The City greatly appreciates the work that Ms. Talley and BB&K have done for us in the past six months,” Mayor Rusty Bailey said. “However, given the workload and the complexity of the issues facing the City, it has become apparent that we need a full-time Interim City Attorney.”

The City Council intends to name Kristi Smith, one of two Supervising Deputy City Attorneys, as Interim City Attorney. Smith has been a Supervising Deputy City Attorney, the second-highest position in the office, since 2006.

Smith has been Acting City Attorney whenever the Interim City Attorney has been out of the office and will serve in that role next week until the City Council votes to appoint her as the Interim City Attorney on Jan. 23. The 22-person office includes 11 attorneys.

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