by Dr. Joseph A. Bailey II, MD., FACS on 20th-July-2016

To Discern in the Spiritual Un-seeable requires first an instant access to ones innate Spiritual Elements’ “Trademark” of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality and the Natural “stamped” on ones Soul. Second, the Trademark’s “Radar Beacon” must connect harmoniously with a corresponding Thing. After Ancient Africans discovered all God’s creatures/creations contained Melanin and Carbon, they inferred their properties and activities represented a total Cosmic Correspondence exhibition. From such correspondences’ “Truths,” extracted Principles—i.e. Circumstances—paved ways to Implicit (aura-like) Discernments (seeing subtleties) into veiled Cosmic Correspondence Harmony workings. In Reasoning by Analogy (known to unknown), as no human has seen Gravity or physical forces cause Matter to variously vibrate to produce sound, light, heat, and cold, like-kind Circumstanced Implicit patterns of Principlesinfer the Unknowable God is the Ultimate Creator of all Cosmic manifestations (Amen, Nuk Au Neter p87). Such Certainty Principles, said Ancient Africans, are applicable on all planes of Cosmic existence. On the Sublime plane are nuanced Ma’at Attributes (like rays of the Sun) of Spiritual Worth–channels to the highest of human excellence. Examples: Goodness, Wellness, Natural Order, and Perfection are Cosmically “One”–meaning Indivisible, Coherent, Complete, Ordered, and Whole. Their “ME/WE” Consequences includefeatures of Humanity—e.g. Non-Aggression–gentle, kind, compassionate, affectionate, caring, helpful, sociable, Selfless Service, and humor. To implicitly discern each, so as to “Be With” them as “One,” enables seeing the significance of their Worth for its own sake and from it simply having come into Being—a significance of Implicit (atmospheric) Beauty since therein resides the infinite and the eternal. The “Being With” Implicit experience is known by one having a total inside-out sense of the “5Ss”—Safety, Security, Sureness, Strength, and Stability—an experience lasting as long as one bathes in the experience—an experience, when prolonged, becomes a state of Contentment—a state designed from living a Calm and Peaceful life.

On Metaphysical and Physical Thought planes, all forms of thinking are Symbolic or Implicit processes since they deal with representations of Things. Those representations of referents give thought processes their fundamental character and worth. “ME/WE”  Thoughts emanate out of the setting of the Thing’s Implicit Beauty–a Beauty significant for its own sake—a significance from simply having come into Being out of the Spiritual Elements—a Beauty discerned by “Feel”. In short, Worth inside a Material thing requires the art of seeing, feeling, hearing, touching, or tasting invisible essences pertaining to the Spiritual Elements. Because of the Cosmic Law of Creativity: “by itself, any given Spiritual Element reproduces itself to become the thing it makes, regardless of its new form,” all “ME/WE” thoughts provide both an implicit grasp for regarding things in a certain Spiritual Elements Cosmic Organism way. It also ensures “Totipotency” from the basic mind state out of which these “ME/WE” thoughts arise. Totipotent Thoughts are symbolic messages which disregard the limitations and boundaries of ordinary human thought in order to impart implicit ideas of the indescribable that touch the “Heart” or “Head”.

Their Implicity milieu Sensations, like smells of forming gardeniaflowers, is vague, hazy, unformed, but not disorganized. This gives ones mindan Awareness (knowing its existence) of what is contained or included, though not expressed, in the Sensation. As “seeds” without restraints or limitations, and by lacking any specific organization pattern, Totipotent Thoughts allow ones mind to be influenced to develop in various “ME/WE” beneficial ways–ways depending upon which molding “Source” exerts the most influence. Hence, they are capable of birthing into an Entity existence any Attribute residing in the property of its Essence parent. Since an Attribute is like a Sun ray, a “ME/WE” fashioned Worth Implicit Attribute is a Sentiment Aura (a Worth thought wrapped in Pure Emotions). Because Totipotency of Worth Implicit thoughts are in an “Aliveness,” Creative, and an unmaterialized state, they can make unsuspected and novel connections, as noted in the progression of a dream. One can relate the Message to oneself; to the Sender; to “ME/WE”; or to others. Since humans have Free Wills, they can be led astray by biasing filters implicit in the process of forming impressions. An example is producingimplicit bias as a kind of unconscious prejudice. jabaileymd.com

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