I Offer You The Best Candidates For This Election Cycle

I Offer You The Best Candidates For This Election Cycle
Hardy L. Brown

Hardy L. Brown

In my opinion these are the best candidates for the jobs they are seeking during this election cycle. Each election presents us voters with a variety of choices to make in positions of public trust.

You also have candidates seeking re-election because the people want them to continue to be their voice in the public arena where policies are made and they have done a good job. In their case the voters will say you have kept your word and have proven to be trustworthy for re-election. I have evaluated those I believe have done a good job on behalf of the people and ask you to return them to office.

Some candidates have done a good job in their current public positions and are seeking a new challenge in another position, while some have done a mediocre job in their current position and want greater responsibility. I offer my support to some while I cannot offer it to others.

As always you have people running because a political party has vexed them and said they will be good for the party and us the people which may or may not be true. In some cases it is some one selected to do the party bidding even when it is contrary to the people they represent. This is always a tough choice because political parties have different platforms they use as a guiding light on which they follow.

In some local positions people run for different reasons that sometimes does not resonate with the broader public, nevertheless they have a right to do so and I wish them well. Those reasons might include race, gender, age, personal or professional experiences and in their opinion, they believe they are the best person for the job.

Then you have another kind of reason such as the sheriff position in San Bernardino County. I have nothing against the current sheriff that was recently appointed to the position by the Board of Supervisors. Clifton Harris, whom I know very well is running because he is tired of the selection process that has guaranteed the pick for sheriff. The past four or five sheriffs for the county of San Bernardino wre picked by the retiring sheriff so the supervisors could appoint the successor. If this cycle is not broken no Latino, African American or female will ever have an equal chance to become sheriff in this county, because the incumbent sheriff will select one of his friends to replace him.

I offer you my recommendations for this election:

Jerry Brown – Governor
Kamala Harris – Attorney General
Betty Yee – Controller
Tom Torlakson – Superintendent of Public Education

Mark Takano – 41st Congress District
Eric Linder – 60th Assembly District
Jose Medina – 61st Assembly District
Kenneth Young – Superintendent of County Schools
John Tavaglione – 2nd Supervisor District
Marion Ashley – 5th Supervisor District
Paul Zellerbach – District Attorney
Stanley Sniff – Sheriff

San Bernardino
Pete Aguilar – 31st Congress District
Norma Torres – 35th Congress District
Alphonse Sanchez – 20th Senate District
Chris Holden – 41st Assembly District
Cheryl Brown – 47th Assembly District
Ted Alejandre – Superintendent of County Schools
Janice Rutherford – 2nd Supervisor District
Gloria Negrete McLeod – 4th Supervisor District
Michael Ramos – District Attorney
Clifton Harris – Sheriff

Prop 41 – Yes
Prop 42 – Yes

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