“I Endorse Mayor Carey Davis for Re-election”

“I Endorse Mayor Carey Davis for Re-election”

Since I first called it home more than fifty years, this city that we love has had its ups and downs with high crime, high unemployment, police abuse, unruly city council meetings, corruption by elected officials, bankruptcy and at one point in time, even earned an All-America City Award. 

We have witnessed it all and yet I love this city and know it is coming back to its full potential and status as the seat of the largest county in the United States.

The city is now out of bankruptcy and in good enough shape financially to have hired more police officers. This contributed to a reduction in crime over the past several quarters. In addition, the tension between the police and the community is not as high as it once was. 

Now, admittedly we are not where we need or want to be but thank God we are not where we used to be with the previous high number of citizens’ complaints against the police.

The city has a new charter which brought stability to the staff. The staff now receives the proper guidance from a City Manager versus the disorder that previously resulted when seven councilmembers with different agendas and understandings of the policies they made provided the direction. 

Our unemployment rate is at an all time low of five percent with good paying jobs located in the city. The converted, old Norton Air Force Base is beginning to attract more employers and the airport has more flights as a result. This is a blessing to the employees particularly with the current high cost of gasoline.  And when you add in the low cost, affordable housing in the region, it gives the citizens more money to spend on other things that will improve their quality of life.

The city has invested in its public transportation which makes it easier for one to get from home to work and all shopping centers in the city and surrounding areas including Los Angeles.

Now, we have not reached the All-America City status again—yet, but we are well on our way thanks to the quiet and steady leadership of Mayor Carey Davis. 

He inherited a city that was bankrupt and in chaos, with a city council that argued more than they adopted policy and an old city charter that had so many amendments, people lost count of them. 

The high number of amendments also resulted in so many different interpretations from the city attorney that it added to the confusion at city hall.  Thanks to the mayor, some members of the city council and local citizens, we have a new city charter that appears to have helped. 

A lot of the calmness experienced during the city’s public meetings is because of the demeanor of the mayor. He has a calm and respectful way of treating his colleagues on the council and others when they address the council—this prevents one from becoming outraged.

Mayor Davis is a trained CPA and former Controller, I believe that is why we are out of bankruptcy and have some money in the bank. He is also a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility. Moreover, he is committed to this city and wants it to thrive.

His quiet, slow, steady and respectful style of leadership is attracting businesses to our community and allows the city staff to do their jobs.

Please join me in re-electing Carey Davis as our mayor of the City of San Bernardino.

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