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Hurricane Harvey Makes History

by admin on 31st-August-2017

Houston, TX

As Hurricane Harvey continues to batter its way along the gulf coast, thousands of lives have been disrupted, communities have been devastated, and according to the National Weather Service, broke the US record for rainfall from a tropical storm system. 

A weather station in Houston recorded 49.32 inches of rain, exceeding the record of 48 inches established in 1978. 

As of Tuesday, evacuation centers in Houston were overflowing with thousands of flood victims seeking safe-haven. Several people, including one police officer, are have died because of the devastation. 

The rain, catastrophic flooding and emergency evacuations continue as the storm prepares to wreak further havoc along the coast of Louisiana. 

The worst in nature has brought out the best in man in Houston and elsewhere in the storm’s path, as neighbor helps neighbor in the quest for survival in the midst of this historic disaster.

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