The “Ba-Twa”, “small statured” Africans of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, are the oldest known (c200,000 BC) of the human species. As indicated by Rock Art paintings, Twa Shaman, upon entering into the lightest stages of trance states, witnessed geometric Shapes known as Form-Constants. These supposed outward Embodiments of the Eternal and containing Messages of the Creative Will, were said to possess the life potentiality to act. Such is suggested by the “Ba-Twa’s” worship of the God Bes (who, incidentally, dons the cover of my book: Disproportionate Short Stature, Diagnosis and Management, Sanders, 1973). Form-Constants may have spurred African Sages to similar considerations of Sacred Geometrical Forms in the heavens + such concepts as Thought-Forces, Element Numbers, and Music of the Spheres. At least as early as c77,000 BC, such Forms were conveyed as Symbols– generally representing a whole phrase or sentence. For example, a given Symbol was a recorded Parable. It lacked Characters, in the sense of marking one Thing quite different from another. By a Parable equating to a spoken Symbol was how Hieroglyphics arose as symbolic writing, each figured letter (character) being a symbol. Symbolic meanings in these Idea-Form hieroglyphs consisted of pictures of men, women, birds, animals, and tools—each representing something definite and significant to African Tradition culture. What made hieroglyphs sacred was in them being about Cosmic “Secrets” (i.e. the operations of Nature) and the “Mysteries”—i.e. the existence of the Spirit as well as the Unknown things about God; the things belonging to God; and the things revealed by God to humans. So, in order to represent Sacred Ideas as a Form, Very Ancient African stonecutters did this by cutting on stone the Idea’s message–using Pictograms (picture symbols) or hieroglyph “characters”. 

Whether on walls of African temples, tombs, and palaces, experienced painters—whose paintings were used “as is,” or as preliminary for the stonecutters—and the stonecutters themselves were the only ones qualified to scrupulously render sacred symbols in stone or in paintings. This sacred work required knowledge and accuracy.  From the sacred character of the Mysteries—sacred because of the association with Divine inspiration—came the term “Masonry”—the origin of Free Masonry organizations. Eventually, a given stonecutter started making his own distinctive symbol on each brick, vase, or stone. After completing his writing project, this symbol became his “Trademark.” None of this was lost on Ancient African priest-astronomers of c20,000 BC, as they observed "Halos" surrounding each Star, the Moon and the Sun. Since the Substance of God was both underlying and inside those stars, each star was inferred to contain Cosmic Divine Will messages. Thus, each star's "Halo" reflected the Divine Will's light–a blessed and significant aura. Then, they likened the Sun to be the great and Cosmic symbol of the manifested “Heart” of the God Force, Sekhem. By its “Halo” representing its central source of Light and Life, the Sun was equated to a Virtual Idea of the Infinite Immaterial God Force; the “Halo,” to that Virtual Idea being given Form by Matter (Ether) for the Finite Cosmos. The “Halo Form,” inferred to possess the Essentials contained in the Essence of the Virtual Idea Matter, implied the Essence of that Virtual Idea was like an engraved mark by God. 

Vital to all of these determinations was the use of very high level Mathematics. One aspect concerned Inseparable Harmonized Differences. An example is Humans’ composition of Spirit and Matter, implying their indivisibility prevents any breach between a human’s body and mind. Each item independently does different things but all ingredients interdependently work together in health to generate a dynamic balance inside a harmonious whole. These,called Complementary Spiritual Equals–by containing the same "Genetics"—are mated God-made Creatures and Creations. Such is illustrated by the complementary equals of female and male doing equating significant things but of different natures. Yet, their dynamic Inseparable Differences within a given human are Harmonized by going together in the same direction, side-by-side, at the same pace, at the same time, and to the same goal or destination. This, a model for human life mates, was also the model for Very Ancient Africans to best utilize Mathematics as a science. It was based on Algebraic Qualities + Quantities thinking. [Reprinted from Bailey, Affect Symbolic Imagery for Black Children].; JABLifeSkills

Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS

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