High School Students Award Grants to Nonprofits

High School Students Award Grants to Nonprofits

Shiane Daima Jacocks

The Community Foundation, which serves the Counties of Riverside and San Bernardino, has helped high school students fund grants for local nonprofits. 

The Community Foundation’s Youth Grantmakers Program recently completed its ninth year. The program was launched to cultivate young philanthropists who will follow the learned traditions of giving and serving their community throughout their lives. 

The program recently celebrated with fifteen nonprofits who were chosen to receive a total of $30,000. According to the organization, during the 2016-17 academic year, students across the two-county region strengthened their leadership skills as they participated in philanthropy. The students learned to read and analyze a grant application, respectfully debated the most critical needs while learning to listen to others’ perspectives, and prioritized the many worthwhile requests. 

“The goal is to teach young people about the tradition of philanthropy,” said Celia Cudiamat, Executive Vice President of Grants and Programs at The Community Foundation. “We hope the end result is an ethic of service and lifelong involvement in their community.” The Community Foundation, established in 1941, is the oldest and largest community foundation in Inland Southern California. Since its founding, the Foundation has awarded more than $86 million to support programs that strengthen the community. 

“I will always miss this program, and I believe it to be a hidden gem in the city,” said Johnathan Rodgers, a graduate from Cajon High School. Rodgers will be attending UCLA in the fall. He joined the program when he was a sophomore and has since gained critical skills to further his education. Rodgers also believes his peers are more involved in their communities than ever before. 

For more information, visit the Foundation’s website at www.thecommunityfoundation.net.

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