High Heeled Shoes: Sexy, but at What Price?

High Heeled Shoes: Sexy, but at What Price?


Dear Dr. Levister: I’m tethered to my stiletto high heeled shoes but ouch, they hurt my feet. How can I combine looking sexy and feeling comfortable? G.S. 

Dear G.S.: High heel shoes give the optical illusion of a longer, slimmer leg, a smaller foot, and a greater overall height. They also alter the wearer's posture and gait, flexing the calf muscles, and making the bust and buttocks more prominent. 

All high heels counter the natural functionality of the foot, which can create skeletal and muscular problems if they are worn excessively. Despite their impracticality, however, their popularity remains undiminished – as Terry DeHavilland (UK shoe designer) has said, “people say they're bad for the feet but they're good for the mind. What's more important?” 

Women may not realize that, wearing high heeled shoes everyday might do grave damage to the body. Wearers may feel uncomfortable after standing for long periods in high heeled shoes and experience pain and discomfort at the time of taking them off at the end of the day. Not to mention that their feet often become painful after a few hours of wearing high heels and need to be removed due to rubbing on the foot. 

As we know, high heeled shoes put a lot of pressure on the feet, and are the main culprit for foot problems like calluses, corns and bunions. Wearing high heeled shoes overtime can lead to ankle injuries, it also can damage or compromise the spine and knees. Wearers can take effective measures to protect their body when wearing high heeled shoes. Take a second pair of shoes wherever you go for use when sitting down, dancing or walking distances. Choose a low or wide heel for job interviews, worship service, meetings, weddings, dances and other social events. Also, try to minimize the amount of time you wear high heeled shoes. The market is flooded with products designed to cushion cuts and blisters. See a foot specialist if you experience prolonged foot pain. 

In a word, wearing high heeled shoes does have its advantages and disadvantages, but if you can prevent health issues, and wear them in a correct way, wear high heeled shoes and be stylish with them.

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