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Happy Birthday Vincent and Vanester

by admin on 15th-October-2015
Hardy Brown Sr.

Hardy Brown Sr.

This past Sunday, sixty-two years ago, the Floyd and Essie Brown family was blessed with the birth of twins, Vincent and Vanester who rounded out the number of children to nine. According to Vanester, the youngest of all, she and her brother as adults have never celebrated their birthday together that she could recall. So she wanted to remedy that part of her life. She recently traveled to California just to be with her twin, socialize with the rest of the family, and celebrate. Of course when her sisters heard she was coming they wanted to come as well so Brenda hitched a ride and came along.

However, Vincent spends most of his time here with me serving as my caretaker so during my sister’s visit, she was here at home with me. My family, much like so many other families, look for any reason to get together, eat, laugh, take pictures and reminisce about the past, so my wife said let’s have a party.


It did not take too long for the word to circulate to other family members who asked to help and the party was planned. Vincent wanted the family to attend church at St. Paul AME in San Bernardino since our dad had preached there after he was healed from pancreatic cancer.

Vanester, the family leader and motivator when it comes to family history and living out the togetherness of legacy, headed up the testimony with song after we blessed the food just before the party began.

The rest is history with fond memories being made and many pictures taken.

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