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Global Sea Ice Has Reached a New Record Low

by admin on 1st-December-2016

Riverside, CA


Last week, the publication New Scientist once again reiterated that a century of global warming has resulted in a long-term decline in sea ice levels. However, the most recent publication also ventured to speculate that what is occurring today in relation to sea ice is also a short-term weather event. According to scientific experts, this is the time of year when, “sea ice should be growing rapidly as winter sets in”; but according to the report, “cold air that usually sits over the pole has flowed south over Siberia, while warmer air has flowed north.” This has resulted in temperatures that are an amazing 20 °C warmer than usual. Thus, the sea ice is melting when it should be forming. In the meantime, on the other side of the planet, Antarctica sea ice is also falling. It reached its maximum winter extent unusually early this year and has fallen fast and reached a new record low for this time of year.

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