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Give Big San Bernardino County—Ready to Roll

by admin on 18th-November-2016

San Bernardino, CA


Organizers expect to raise significant funds for local nonprofit organizations during the third annual Give Big San Bernardino County campaign. 

The Give Big San Bernardino County campaign (Give Big) is a 24-hour fundraising web-a-thon scheduled to run from midnight to midnight on Nov. 29. The campaign will raise funds to benefit nonprofit organizations throughout San Bernardino County. To date, more than 80 nonprofits have signed up to participate in the fund raising effort. 

“The support and commitment that we’ve received from the community is overwhelming. We fully anticipate this year’s ‘Give Big’ campaign to be outstanding,” said Dr. Jonathan Lorenzo Yorba, President and CEO of The Community Foundation. Yorba’s organization is coordinating the Give Big campaign with support of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. 

“We are committed to improving the quality of life of our residents, the long-term sustainability of our nonprofit sector and to building capacity in our region,” said San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chairman James Ramos. “Donations will provide critical funding for community services and help bridge the gap between government programs and local needs.” 

Give Big San Bernardino County is scheduled for Giving Tuesday, an international day of giving fueled by social media. It is designed to raise awareness of the county’s fundraising needs and to help nonprofits become self-sustaining by expanding their donor bases. Participating nonprofits will be listed on the program’s website at www.givebigsbcounty.org, before, during and after the web-a-thon. A minimum donation of $10 is requested. 

“Like it or not, San Bernardino County’s charities receive the lowest level of donation support of any area of California,” said economist John Husing, of Redlands-based Economics& Politics Inc. “Including major foundations, only $3 per person is the average amount of money flowing to them. California’s average is $119. This strangles the ability of our charities to provide the kind of services our area must have if we are to raise our quality of life.”

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