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Former Beaumont Councilman Gets Probation

by admin on 4th-November-2017

Beaumont city councilman Mark Orozco (right) with his attorney David B. Greenberg during his arraignment in Riverside. Photo by Julie Farren

Beaumont – Mark Orozco, a former City Councilmember for the City of Beaumont was sentenced last week to three years formal probation, six months of house arrest and ordered to pay $10,000 for crimes he committed while in office. 

Orozco received the sentences after he pled guilty to bribery and perjury last month as part of a plea deal. Had he not accepted the offer, he faced up to four years in prison on each felony count. 

During a statement at the sentencing hearing Orozco noted, “In these trying months, having considered all aspects of the matter, my attorneys, my family and I felt that accepting this plea was in the best interest of the City of Beaumont and its citizens.” 

During the hearing, Orozco also announced his immediate resignation—another condition of his plea arrangement. According to prosecutors who handled the case, the sentence was in alignment with current practices. 

Orozco entered his guilty plea at the end of September and admitted he had solicited a bribe from Pardee Homes. At the same time, he also admitted guilt to an additional, new and unrelated charge of perjury that was filed on the day he entered his plea. The perjury charge was related to his falsification of a campaign form related to his election campaign. 

According to prosecutors, he reported fellow council member Nancy Carroll received a donation that she did not. This resulted in Carroll being penalized for violating the state’s campaign reporting requirements. 

Other charges against the former council member involved lying on campaign forms when he ran for office, were dropped as part of the plea deal.

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