Fontana: What’s To Come?

Fontana: What’s To Come?

Mayor Warren outlines her plan for the city during State of the City Address

Mayor Warren delivering the 2015 State of the City address

Mayor Warren delivering the 2015 State of the City address

It may not have been a Spike Lee movie, but with a sellout crowd of attendees, and the City of Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren making her grand entrance dancing into the room while “Everything is Awesome” playing in the background, ‘doing the right thing’ became the take-away message of the evening as Warren delivered the state of the city address to dignitaries, city council members, staff, and the community of Fontana.

“We are doing all the right things in the right places for right reasons which is why Fontana is a model of success for the other communities of the Inland Empire,” said Warren.

Fontana’s vision, for 2015 according to Warren, is rooted in community: Safe community; community with high standards; stable and consistent community; transparent community; community that grows facilities as the population grows; community with quality parks; and a leader in the Inland Empire.

Warren began by addressing three issues that she believes through cooperative partnerships and working with the community can be achieved. “These [issues] are ‘corridors of opportunity’, the importance of the logistics market, and the development of our general plan.”

Warren stated that the primary streets through Fontana: Sierra Avenue, Baseline, Foothill, Jurupa, Valley, Arrow, Citrus, Cherry, and summit bordered by Interstate 10, 15, and 210 freeways places Fontana as the heart of San Bernardino County.

“Fontana is a large community with a diverse population. I have often referred to the City of Fontana as being the heart of San Bernardino County. Well if the City of Fontana is the heart, we have several corridors of opportunity that represent the arteries, feeding the economic engine. It is critical for us to keep the economic arteries in our city healthy and vibrant as we move forward into the future.

The audience listening as Mayor Warren delivers her speech.

The audience listening as Mayor Warren delivers her speech.

‘These corridors include Jurupa Avenue, Valley Blvd, Arrow Highway, Foothill Blvd, Baseline Avenue, and Summit Avenue the 10 Freeway and the 210 Freeway from South to North. Going the other direction we have Sierra Avenue, Citrus Avenue, Cherry Avenue and the 15 Freeway.

‘Each of these corridors has specific characteristics and opportunities for success. As mayor, I plan on concentrating my efforts on these corridors, focusing on the needs for infrastructure development that will enhance business development and expansion in the area. We need to look at development needs and ensure that our development codes and fee structures are appropriate for the area to encourage future development. We have conducted some corridor studies of Valley Boulevard and Sierra Avenue and more can be done to encourage new development or my favorite word for 2015 Expansion.”

Warren stressed that Fontana will continue to invest in its current businesses as well as develop relationships to attract new businesses. She stated for new businesses, “…may take the form of new and needed infrastructure or it may be in the form of development incentives for job and sales tax generating developments.”

However, as a forward thinking government body, Warren’s speech became proactive to assuage any concerns community members may have with the growing infrastructure and logistics market as she outlined her plans to update the city’s general plan.

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