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Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren on Women’s Quest for Parity

by admin on 10th-March-2016
Acquanetta Warren. Photo by benoitmalphettes.com

Acquanetta Warren. Photo by benoitmalphettes.com

Acquanetta Warren is the first female and the first African American Mayor in Fontana’s history. She sees as the biggest roadblocks to women obtaining parity in politics and pay she as, “Our gender!” she shared emphatically.

“People want Women to do all the work but not obtain the pay or power.  And it’s even harder if you are black because [many believe] we shouldn’t aspire to higher levels.” She continued, “Women tend to get in politics to do for others and that’s not always in line with any party politics. Women should have a plan and execute it wisely. If you don’t know what to do, get help from someone who knows.”

On the issue of pay parity Warren explained,”I have always tried to make sure women reporting to me obtain equal pay for the same position men get; but, that has never been afforded to me throughout my career.  I have broken many barriers in the workplace but had to fight for every dime I felt I was entitled.”

“Pick your battles wisely, Warren cautioned. “Don’t stay in a toxic work environment. Be surrounded by men that are sure in their skin and not those who feel threaten by your abilities overtaking their positions. We should treat our job selections like we better be picking our dates and stay away from insecure men and women. I have so many friends who have stayed in dead-end companies trying to work thru impossible conditions.  Then at the end they finally decide it’s time to move on. By then, you have wasted valuable time toward obtaining the career of your dreams hanging with turkeys versus flying with Eagles!”

“Learn how to glow or go,” Warren encouraged. “Be prepared not depressed.  It’s your life and it’s up to you to spend your time wisely. Depend on you not others. Lead, Follow or Get out of your way!”

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