Fontana: A Healthy City

Fontana: A Healthy City
Acquenetta Warren Mayor of Fontana

Acquanetta Warren Mayor of Fontana

The City of Fontana is moving toward healthy lifestyle choices. Some think that this started with the Healthy Fontana program, but it actually began with the General Plan adopted by our City Council in 2003. As part of the General Plan various parks and recreation spaces were planned for to handle the projected growth of population. As Vice Chairperson of the Fontana General Plan Committee, and with other members of the committee, we insisted on more space for organized sports programs.

At the time, my young daughter was playing softball at the local park in our development and participating in a traveling track team. As she and I traveled to attend track events throughout Southern California and other states, I realized that great looking communities had one thing in common–great parks and sports fields. It wasn’t just the grass and the facilities, but one could tell that a plan was devised and carried out in a manner that created a place for sports, socialization, family, and building community.

Being a member of the City Council, and participating in the development of parks and active areas for our youth, healthy living transitioned from being a plan to becoming a mission of mine. The Healthy Fontana program provided the necessary framework to enhance our vision. With the addition of several state-of-the-art community centers, it has given our citizens an opportunity to participate in many healthy programs provided by our Community Services Department. So much has evolved in recent years with the development of Fontana Park, home of the Jesse Turner Center and Fontana Aquatic Center, Miller Park, which has been enhanced with our Civic Center Campus surrounded by the Lewis Technology Library, Center Stage, the Heritage Community Center and the new Senior Center. Sports fields throughout Fontana for the various sports leagues have also been constructed. As a side note, I am pleased to announce that the Senior Community Center will have a new parking lot this fall. I also need to mention that the Pacific Electric Trail was established to provide biking, walking, and running exercise on a trail that starts in Claremont and finishes in Rialto.

Lastly, I want to highlight that the Healthy Fontana program has received more than half a million dollars in grants and donations! Recently, I attended the annual event at Kaiser Permanente Fontana celebrating “Doctors Day,” and I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the Kaiser doctors. This year, to celebrate the great contribution to their profession, the doctors announced a generous donation of funds to the city for exercise equipment for the Pacific Electric Trail to assist our citizens with their healthy efforts. I am grateful to all of the donors who continue to help Fontana and continue to partner with the city to sustain a program that is second to none. Healthy Fontana has received national recognition and has become the foundation from which all of our recreational programs are created. What started as a dream became a plan in 2003 and is now a reality for all those who have chosen Fontana as their home.

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