Father-to-Father: A Message of Faith

Father-to-Father: A Message of Faith
Officer Gabriel Garcia

Officer Gabriel Garcia

A citizen using an AK47 automatic rifle in one hand and a handgun in the other gunned down San Bernardino Police Officer Gabriel Garcia last week. It was an attempted killing of a peace officer that had not done anything to provoke a reaction of any kind from anyone.

Officer Garcia and his trainee were patrolling on Garner Street around 2:30 a.m. when they observed a few citizens walking down the street. The officers exited their car to question the citizens, when one opened fire with an AK47. Officer Garcia was hit seven times while his trainee was able to shoot and kill the shooter. Now Officer Garcia lay at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in a medically induced coma fighting for his life.

I do not know the officer but I do know about medically induced comas because our son was in one for over 16 days after breaking his femur bone. I bring that up to witness to his father and the San Bernardino community that all is not lost by such medical care. And, to say hold on to your faith while the community keeps praying for his recovery.

I was asked during those 16 days how could I be calm and not worry over my only son. Without thinking, the story of Abraham and Isaac popped out of my mouth where he was to sacrifice his son. It gave me great comfort to know that God had placed him in my care for those years and if it was His will to spare him, I would be grateful. Many things happen in our lives that we will never understand such as this.

Why would a police officer just doing his job obeying good police protocol deserve such treatment? I have asked this question many times in my life and did the same for your son. Again I went to the scriptures Proverbs 3:5-6 and found out I should “Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and mind and lean not unto my own understanding.”

I did not get my answer to that question almost 20 years ago regarding my son until he was being removed from his coma. As I picked up my bible to read my son’s favorite scripture, the bible fell open to the book of John Chapter 11 verse 4 where Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, It is for God’s glory, so that God’s son may be glorified through it.” I called my wife and told her this experience was about getting people to look to Jesus for their solutions to their problems and situations.

Mind you I have taught bible classes for over 40 years at St. Paul AME in San Bernardino and Delmann Heights Foursquare Gospel Church. I had read and told my biblical stories while experiencing a few but nothing like having your flesh and blood laying there in a coma and nothing you can do but pray and wait on God.

I want you to know that my family is praying for you, your son, and all the people who put their lives in jeopardy so others might enjoy safe communities. We also pray that God will provide us the peace in our country from all of the violence that comes from people who want to take another person’s life.

I know that God has a bigger picture in store for all of us and your son is included in that picture.

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