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by Dr. Joseph A. Bailey II, MD., FACS on 16th-June-2016

A c2500 BC defining moment for European males was their encounter with resident women’s rebelliousness to their dictatorial ways. To worsen matters, females were the most prominent divinities, including the Supreme Being. First, this situation shocked the males Astral Souls—their “Hearts”–the “deepest recesses of the human psyche”–the Selfhood Center where the most significant issues of ones life are determined”–the Center of thought, feelings, memory, and emotions–the place of ones moral and spiritual nature and Secular fetters (e.g. envy, hate). Second, this “Manhood Shock” affected not just European warriors but all European males, as those beginning to branch into formalized religion and other varied specialties of daily living. Third, it caused them to do defensive and self-protective things.This started with Myths emerging of Gods of enormous power–quarreling over and fighting for Goddesses of unspeakable beauty. Such competition led European males to the concept of aGod of wrath and with such vindictive powers as to become the source of all fear. In order to be superior to everything that existed, they inverted the females’ Spiritual God into the God Satan. By accepting this Contingent Being (a fantasy like a child’s bogeyman) as an Illusion(deceiving by producing a false impression) it was easily and quickly exaggerated into Delusions (believing what is not real and not believing what is real). Fourth, for one to accept delusions and illusions—regardless of the combination—is to fashion a portion of ones mind into a Surrealist state. Surrealism (above, beneath, or beyond reality)—also called A-dualism—is the erasing of boundaries or the “Dematerializing” or the disregard of the limitations of human thought that normally separate Physical reality from Fantasy. 

The result of removing such boundaries between rationality and irrationality is mental imagery of Chance effects—a disordered or chaotic array of imagery, much like random sequences of events or recollections experienced in dreams or when one is “knocked silly.” This mental joining of “the actual” and the “non-real” leads to an inability to distinguish Inner and External world realities or their true ingredients and/or even their perceptual “raw materials”. Effects of resultant Surrealism orchestrate a revolt against all restraints on logical reasoning, on standard morality (a “wipe-out”), and for males, create distortions of the female body. Fifth, these processes paved the way for European men to enter the “super-real” or Supernatural where they again self-declared to be “superior” over everything and everybody, including females. A peek at the mindsets used in abusive treatments of European and all women can be found throughout the European Bible—e.g. Deuteronomy 21: 10-14; Corinthians 11: 3, 7, 9; and 1 Timothy 2:11-14. These European male practices modeled their concepts after the Devil—defined as “a deceiver” (Amen, An Afrocentric Guide To A Spiritual Union, p36). Such mind control of Women and Slaves was justified by men assuming empirically (numinous) unverifiable Satanic gods residing in their Unseen World generating“Numinous Feelings” in them. By European Satanist religious leaders promoting the Adam/Eve fantasy concept of everybody being born “sinful” served as a passage for the Roman state to survive by its ancient customs and manhood. 

To elaborate, although derived from an immediate and primary referent—i.e. a Thing outside the Self–numinous feelings are absorbed into Receivers so as to transform their belief into being "Super-human" with a Supernatural aura of omnipotence. By being Supernatural, nothing about them is explainable, for they follow no mathematically logical pattern. A theme of these Non-Rational mindsets include Phantasmata (sensory images received passively from some external object)—which have the peculiarity of the Receiver not being aware of them. In addition, they feature a “double image” whereby one image suggests or turns into a second and possibly a third image, either instantly or after some thought. “Dematerialization” continues by confusing similarity with identity—and thereby accounting for stereotypes. The associated excessive imagery filling ones mind from engaging freely in A-dualism leads to an inability to distinguish Inner and External world realities and thereby creates bizarre thoughts, images, and fantastic Beings. The mind abstracts universal qualities from these and uses them in making devastating judgments, as seen most dramatically today in the “Killer” police of unarmed Black People. [Research contributor: Joselyn Bailey MD] jabaileymd.com

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