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Environmentalist are Worried

by admin on 28th-April-2017

Sacramento, CA

Among the deals struck to secure passage of the controversial SB1, The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, an agreement to change the truck rules raised concerns of environmentalists. 

SB1, popularly identified as the Gas Tax bill, will increase taxes on gasoline purchases to raise billions of dollars for the state’s infrastructure improvements of California freeways, roads, bridges and other transportation facilities. Environmentalists are against language in the bill limiting regulators’ ability to crack down on big rig trucks—the inland region’s greatest source of smog-producing emissions. Under SB1, truck owners currently meeting California emissions requirements would not be required to retire or upgrade their vehicles until the vehicles are either 13-years-old or exceed 800,000 miles. 

On the other hand, transportation officials report that, overall, SB1 should reduce truck emissions because the bill’s requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to enforce existing rules that require trucks to meet the 2010 standards within the next six years.

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