Dr. Rene Pryor’s TCP Enterprises Int’l is “Not Just Business as Usual”

Dr. Rene Pryor’s TCP Enterprises Int’l is “Not Just Business as Usual”

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Dr. Rene Pryor

Dr. Rene Pryor

Nearly five years ago, Dr. Rene Pryor, visionary and founder of TCP Enterprises, International, relocated to the Inland Empire to care for her ailing mother. Pryor’s presence in the community has expanded the region’s core of gifted and talented leaders. 

The quintessential professional, Pryor can easily be defined as a 21st Century Renaissance woman who, through her own initiative, has developed and honed expertise in several areas that collectively strengthen her ability to fulfill her life goal of community outreach, involvement, and impact through unity and collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations. 

For nearly 30 years, Pryor built a successful career in corporate America before deciding to leverage her professionalism, leadership ability, and business expertise as an entrepreneur. She is experienced in Public Relations and Marketing, a journalist and author with two books in process, a motivational speaker and mentor, and an International Evangelist and Ambassador Chaplin who provides spiritual comfort during times of crisis, as she did in the wake of the 2014 Michael Brown tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri.

Pryor places a high priority on professionalism, evident in her personal presentation, and yet she is simultaneously warm, welcoming, and approachable. In fact, her penchant for professionalism and unity are embedded in the dual meaning acronym of her company’s name: TCP—Totally Christ Produced (non-denominational) and The Consummate Professional. TCP Enterprises, Int’l., is a non-profit organization with a for-profit business and other service offerings under its umbrella. 

The objectives of TCP are most clearly articulated in the company’s mission statement: “Our goal is to encourage collaborative partnerships while embracing cultural, economic, and social diversity, placing an emphasis on teamwork and stressing the mandatory importance of work-ethic and business etiquette.” 

Pryor stressed that working with TCP is “Not Just Business as Usual.” The services offered by her organization include life-skill training, business etiquette, career development, mentorship programs, spiritual counseling services, empowerment and a variety of other professional business services. 

Whether she is advocating on behalf of student organizations, mentoring student interns within her own organization, bringing spiritual comfort to those traumatized by violence, seeking and creating opportunities to collaborate with community organizations, developing tactics and strategies for business success, inspiring others through her motivational speeches, or writing articles to raise awareness on important issues, Pryor is doing the work she was called to do. “I bring a message of unity and collaboration,” she affirmed. 

For more information regarding TCP Enterprises, Int’l. and its services, contact Dr. Pryor at TCPEnterprisesintl@gmail.com or (702) 981-0516.

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