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Diversity Inc.’s Top 50 Most Diverse Companies

by admin on 28th-January-2016
Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

I have written about this subject before: the companies and organizations who are viewed as good companies for minorities and women to work for and all the good they do in our society. And I will be the first to say this is true. But one aspect that I see missing from the majority of these companies is their lack of support or involvement in poor communities outside of large metropolitan areas. Some of these companies you might have never heard of while others are household names with products and services you use daily.

I want to give credit to Diversity Inc. for reporting these companies to the public and highlighting the companies most favorable to minorities and women when it comes to employment, fair treatment in the workplace, philanthropy, and doing business with small businesses.


My question to the people of the Inland Empire is which companies are you familiar with and do business with? Which ones have you seen in your community providing service to the youth, seniors, veterans or the less fortunate. Which ones make contributions to the local United Way or local non-profit organizations?

Let me suggest to Diversity Inc. that you also put in your survey a section that will address the corporation’s commitment to the forgotten communities that they make huge profits from but possibly do not give any thing back to. The inland communities of California deserve some kind of return on the support they give to other wealthy communities. This is not only true for the Inland Empire but for small cities, towns and rural communities all across America.

I want to congratulate the Top 50 for being selected and participating in these types of time consuming surveys and Diversity Inc. for doing them.

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