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Didn’t it Rain…and Snow…and Flood

by admin on 27th-January-2017

Riverside, CA

Rain, snow, thunder, lightning and high winds pummeled the inland region and all of Southern California in recent days. The pounding rain and relentless winds caused accidents, flooded roads and stranded drivers–San Bernardino County swift water rescue team was called upon to use their raft to rescue two people in one local community. Flooding closed some roadways and highways; while heavy snow in the mountain regions resulted in snow-days off for school children. 

Throughout the weekend and into Monday there were flash flood warnings; winter snow warnings; aerial rain warnings and in some instances, thunderstorm warnings. On Monday, flash flood watches remained in effect for most of the area and the mountain communities remained under a winter storm warning and snow levels were expected to drop to nearly 4,000 feet. 

On Sunday, the National Weather Service warned Southern California residents that the storm could be the most powerful weather event to hit the southland in the past seven years.

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