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Devereaux’s Retirement Plans Announced

by admin on 27th-January-2017

San Bernardino, CA

Many political watchers were caught off guard last Thursday when San Bernardino County Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux announced his plans to retire and transition to an advisory role. 

Devereaux has spent nearly 40 years in public service. Most of his public service career—25 years, was spent in the Inland Empire. Devereaux joined the San Bernardino County Government team in February 2010 after a tenure as city manager for Fontana and Ontario. 

He was hired by the county as it faced significant organizational and fiscal challenges that included scandals that cast dispersions on the credibility of local elected officials. “I wish to thank the Board of Supervisors, all of the County’s employees and the entire community for the opportunity to serve in this capacity,” Devereaux said when his retirement was announced. He added, “It has been a great privilege.” 

Devereaux plans to vacate his position as CEO at the end of the current fiscal year; however, his current contract requires that he continue to work with the county for the next three years as an advisor to the board as well as his successor on programs and matters of impact. He will also retain and expand his involvement in various academic endeavors and provide consultation to various local and regional government agencies. 

“I will probably remain as busy as I am now,” he admitted. “But, I will have more flexibility than I do as CEO to devote needed attention to my family,” Devereaux shared. 

Newly installed Board of Supervisors Chairman Robert Lovingood commented on Devereaux’s retirement saying, “I was hoping to work with Greg throughout my chairmanship. Greg’s knowledge and ability to work with the Board to address the county’s challenges will be missed.” Lovingood added, “He is well respected in the local government and business communities.” 

Devereaux served as the ninth permanent or interim Chief Executive Officer to serve San Bernardino County in twelve years. His initial contract required him to serve a minimum of five years but his ontract was extended by the Board and next month he will complete his seventh years as the county’s CEO. As a result, he has distinguished himself as San Bernardino County’s longest serving CEO in more than 20 years.

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