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December 2nd Memorial Committee Progress Report

by admin on 1st-December-2016

San Bernardino, CA


During the last year, the committee responsible for creating a permanent memorial to the victims of the December 2nd terrorist attack has continued to work toward its goal. 

Last February, Board of Supervisors Chairman James Ramos appointed Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales and Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux to pull together a committee and lead its efforts to conceive the memorial. Members of the committee include representatives from public safety, the departments of Behavioral Health, Public Health and Real Estate Services, the County Administrative Office, in addition to representatives from the county’s Environmental Health Services Division and family members of the county employees whose lives were taken that fateful day. 

A county posting revealed that since February, the committee has held several meetings to identify key points of consideration and to establish an overall vision for the memorial. It determined the memorial should recognize the broad diversity and lives of the victims as well as those who helped preserve and protect life that day. 

Another key point of consideration for the committee was that the memorial also provides enduring recognition o f the county employees who witnessed the attack, many of whom were physically injured and all of whom were emotionally impacted. The memorial should be a place for quiet reflection. 

San Bernardino County officials advised the December 2nd Memorial Committee recently completed a review of several memorials submitted for consideration from around the country. The committee noted how, in almost every instance, the sponsoring agency used a structured process to allow artists, architects and designers to submit proposals. 

As the first anniversary of the tragedy of December 2nd approached, county officials assured the public that work on the memorial is progressing in a thoughtful and inclusive way. Memorials can take a decade or longer to develop and although the process will take time, the committee hopes the result will appropriately and forever reflect the unique people, stories and lessons of December 2, 2015.

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