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Covered California

by admin on 19th-August-2017

Sacramento, CA

Covered California Premiums will rise, according to a recent report by KABC News. The report was based on discussions with Covered California program officials, who projected the increase could be as high as 12.5 percent in 2018. At least 3 percent of that increase, according to Executive Director Peter Lee, will be a direct result of the uncertain signals coming from Washington, D.C on this coverage. 

The report also noted that all eleven insurers that currently provide coverage in California will continue to do so. However, although Anthem Blue Cross will continue coverage in the state, it will be limited for Covered California. It plans to reduce its current 19 covered regions to three communities, including Santa Clara County, the Central Valley and parts of Northern California. Southern California residents currently covered by Anthem Blue Cross through Covered California will need to seek a new plan during its upcoming enrollment period.

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